When the Silky Pudding met the Milk Coffee...

Hello, Friends especially foodies!

If you already read my articles maybe you already known that last Saturday, I had accompanied mom to the hospital and then after that we went to travel by subway to one of the plaza which was connected to the subway station, Blok M Plaza. And there we had a nice lunch, udon and after strolling around in the afternoon before going home, we went to the food court to have some afternoon snack plus coffee.

The food court there was located on the 5th floor and it named Food Society.


The food court itself actually good and clean plus when we often went here it was new but now it already more than a year old and sadly most of the tenants already closed during this pandemic.

We then straightly went to the one and only pudding seller stall there…


The menu that they had were only silky pudding with many choices of flavour, and also silky drink. And they didn’t have any coffee menu here, even they don’t have coffee pudding… I think they need to add some new flavour like coffee or mocha here too!


We chose the puddings we wanted then paid and took it to our seats.


Here how our silky puddings looked like


Could you guess what flavour we had here?

What we bought were lychee silky pudding.


Like the name, it was really really smooth, tasted sweet lychee.. I remembered after I got my mouth operation couple of years ago to remove some unused back teeth I had, I only could have this silky pudding…

Then mom was sitting on the chair, while me, I got a job to find a coffee for us. Luckily I found this stall which also served coffee besides the noodle and meatballs..


The menu they had


I ordered a coffee then waiting for the only seller to do the barista thing..


And after around 8 minutes here was the coffee we had


It was iced milk coffee


It was tasty with robusta coffee and it had the correct amount of milk and also palm liquid sugar.. Perfect blend!

Before I forgot, this foodcourt had a great area, large, clean and neat.. Even in some table you could charge your phone, tablet or even laptop… This food court had the elegant tropical interior and also had its’ own washing hands area.


And last the price, I got the promo for all.. for two cups of pudding we paid 22K IDR after the coin cashback or just around 11K IDR each (not even a USD).. also for the coffee, it was just 12.6 K IDR or also not even a USD… So if I counted all, 2 cups of pudding plus a coffee, we paid totally only around 2.5 USD. Affordable. Right?



Wanna try the silky pudding and also the coffee here too?
PUYO for the silky Pudding
Bakso Mi Kopi (BMK) for the coffee
5th floor Blok M Plaza
76th Bulungan Street
South Jakarta
Open daily 10 AM – 8 PM or on the weekends it would be until 9 PM

To edit the video i used youcut video editor apps
Music: Sweet
Musician: LiQWYD
URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/liqwyd

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