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A compilation shining the spotlight on this week's awesome coffee posts from Cinnamon Cup Coffee members.
The selected authors share their passion through stories and photos, for their favourite black liquid gold, commonly called coffee, and some special meals that complimented it.

👐 Coming up, get an insight on the "psychic role" baristas play when fulfilling coffee orders; a manly story of how coffee and croissants can change a lop-sided smirk to big happy smiles and laughter in a cafe; a girly chitchat over coffee; and coffee tips for getting snuggly at home.
Ideas for taking coffee with you wherever you go; coffee ice cubes for making iced coffee recipes; the enthusiastic feeling of buying and having a personal coffee mug; to reflections of flowers while drinking coffee, which reminds us to take the time to smell the roses:)
Coffee art ideas for the avid painter or artist; and coffee vlogs with interesting coffee shops decor and art, and much more!

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One Large Latte Please...Black

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "In my relatively short period of time in the 'World of Coffee', I have come to realise that it comprises a rather eclectic group of people."/>

The range of knowledge and tastes varies vastly, from the "Midi Soy Cortado" to the "Just make me a normal coffee with 6 sugars", there remains one constant, and that is.... Brits love coffee! Now, I do not proclaim to know everything about coffee, in fact, I probably know the bare minimum to get by. It's one of those jobs where you need to pick things up as you go along.. For example; The first time I was asked for a 'Babycino', save looking like a complete amateur, I confidently said "no problem" and proceeded to act as if I was operating the Till, whilst in actual fact I (with a perfectly calm expression) was frantically Googling, How to make a Baby Cheeno.?" @vanbliss

Hell No...But Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "An hour earlier I'd met a fellow I've known for over fifteen years; initially a competitor as we were both in commercial real estate sales at the time, but later an acquaintance. We used to catch up and tell lies now and then and he'd bounce ideas about his fledgling real estate business off me as my own company operated in a completely different sector than his. We'd meet in a coffee shop, the age-old location for business meetings, have a few cups and generally have a good old industry-related yarn. [A yarn is Australian for talk.]He called me last week and proposed a catch up and with some time on my hands I decided to make that meeting happen; coffee was involved and I figured I'd eat also, so why not? I'm not one to decline coffee." @galenkp"/>

Bringing Coffee Everywhere I Go

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "The idea of making my own coffee while traveling barely crossed my mind. Why would I bother bringing all the equipment when I can just buy it from a cafe?"/> That was what I subscribed to until the past few months when I was traveling but too lazy to visit a cafe. In some parts of this town, Starbucks isn’t accessible either. So, good luck finding a good coffee unless I want to gamble with being sick. That’s why, I have this idea to bring my french press and some ground coffee to accompany my staycation." @macchiata

Café Caribe

"It is really exciting to be able to enjoy this delicious coffee, because since I moved to the outskirts of the city of Caracas to the municipality of El Hatillo I have been looking for a good place to enjoy coffee and I have not been able to find that special place to have a good coffee. Now I can enjoy Paramo Café whenever I want buying it in a supermarket or simply ordering it by delivery along with some of their delicious desserts." @cvnuitter

An Afternoon Chitchat At Work

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I was sleepy this morning that I barely managed to stay awake till afternoon so, I consumed more than 4 grams of Nescafe black grind coffee. After drinking my usual morning coffee, I still needed more caffeine to keep my eyelids from shutting down. So afternoon break came, and I made some DIY iced coffee (again). It is a mixture of one teabag of Twining's English breakfast tea, 2 Nescafé sticks diluted in 100mL water, 200 mL milk, a tablespoon of honey, and a bunch of ice. Kim's drink is just a 1:1 mixture of blue Gatorade and Sparkle, and I think it will even look cooler if only I had a slice of lemon." @nikkabomb "/>

The Real Java Monsters 2... Energy Drinks

"The Black Liquid of the Gods." @scubahead would refer to it. I drink it with a little shot of dairy and a shit ton of sugar. This is what is known as a "Java Killer."
Far different is my muddy brown mix of sweet coffee in my cup. Different from the full on high octane, probably borderline flammable, methamphetamine like straight black brew of the hardcore Javas like our Diver Narrow Boat Captains." @krazzytrukker


Daheim Homey Coworking & Collaborative Coffee Space

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Daheim is a recent co-working space that comes into my radar. At first, I did not know that it’s actually a coworking space. It had my attention because of grabfood. The place serves German cuisine which I happen to enjoy lately. So, I have been ordering the food in that place for quite some time. I only had the chance to explore it more when I was at another co-working space that has a pamphlet of cafes and co-working spaces in town. From that pamphlet, I came to know the inside of this cafe which got me interested in visiting it." @macchiata "/>

Made Coffee Ice Cubes - Apple and Pear

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Usually, ice molds are filled with water, right?... Well, I was inspired to freeze coffee in ice molds. I did it yesterday. I plan to make coffee ice cubes (coffee that is put in ice molds and then frozen) as filling for a drink. In the end, I decided the drink was apple and apple pear juice." @faisalhanafih "/>

Caramel Latte And Tortilla For Tonight

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "It's already night and i'm watching the badminton match that is thomas cup. And while watching it I prepared coffee and snacks to accompany me to watch it.For the coffee, I drink instant coffee from the Toracafe brand with a caramel latte.Making it very easy, just like making instant coffee in general. First I will boil the water, then while I wait for the water to boil I will put the coffee grounds into the cup, I will only use a small cup because the size of this coffee is only a little." @sweetest"/>

Coffee Cup Reflections of Flowers and Trees

Take time to smell the roses.🌷

"Have you ever noticed the reflections in your cup of coffee? I don't think I had noticed them before today.Once I saw them I couldn't stop seeing them and wound up taking a whole lot of photos just trying to see what my coffee saw. I won't bombard you with all the photos, but will share this second coffee cup reflections that caught my eye." @shinyobjects

A way to include coffee in the afternoon snack

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "When I think of preparing a quick recipe for a snack with my family, coffee always goes with it, but this time I decided to try something delicious based on coffee with my children, who like me enjoy its delicious flavor. Looking on the internet I found a quick recipe for coffee cookies, ideal for an afternoon snack."/> Without thinking too much about it, and since I had the main ingredients, we set out to make them." @mariela-b

Aroma of coffee, an aroma of love!

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "For more than twenty years, an aroma has been waking me up in the mornings. It is the aroma of the coffee my husband prepares. The best demonstration of love is when he brings me a cup of coffee to bed, but not just any cup. I only drink coffee if it is from his cup. I feel it tastes better. If I serve it in a cup just for me, I don't think it tastes the same." @chaodietas "/>


Iced Matcha Latte and Some Donuts to Accompany Me to Study Tonight

"To make an iced matcha latte is very simple. I used an instant matcha powder from the Tong Tji brand and as well as full cream liquid milk from the Greenfields brand and don't forget some ice cubes. First, pour the matcha powder into a glass and disolve it with enough warm water. Then in the other glass, pour enough full cream milk and then add ice cubes then pour the matcha solutions that was made earlier. And an iced matcha latte ready to be enjoyed." @sitinurfauziyyah

I Have Never Seen Before, A Painter Sketch With Ink Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Honestly, I have never seen before that a painter make a sketch with ink coffee. It’s very unique as I love coffee, so I really appreciated the painter did a sketch very well on paper and canvas. The painter is Zul MS. He lives in Aceh and love to explore the uniqueness of Aceh culture into his paintings and sketches."/> I heard about him before, but yesterday I meet him in Hermes Palace Hotel." @razack-pulo

Coffee With An Old Friend

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=""I haven't enjoyed coffee in a long time ☕, and today I enjoyed afternoon coffee at one of the coffee shops on Jalan Len Pipa, the intersection of the frame,districts Nibong, North Aceh district."/> It is very clear in the picture that I was accompanied by my old friend whom I had not seen in person for a long time after 5 years. This is my little story with my old friend named tgk puteh, and I can also write here that, this meeting was on the road, he was walking with his train and I was on the train while walking too, and suddenly I saw from afar , then I approached him (tgku puteh)." @duwiky

Choosing a new cup of coffee for me

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "On Sunday I was out with my children and since I was enjoying some rewards for my HIVE publications, I decided to buy a new mug to drink coffee and indulge myself in my afternoons with this gift that I gave myself."/> There was so much variety that I couldn't make up my mind. I really wanted to buy a big cup because when it comes to drinking coffee I prefer quality along with quantity, so I can patiently savor each sip without thinking that I will soon run out." @surglen

A Book Telling About Coffee : Jép Kupi di Koetaradja

"On the cover of the book is the mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman wearing black batik. He was with foreigner tourists and some local people. The photo was taken in Aceh Coffee Fest 2019. A few months before Covid-19 pandemic. He is so proud of Acehnese coffee and more and more coffee shops are built in Banda Aceh. As a mayor, he was excited that Banda Aceh is becoming a coffee city in Indonesia.He said “Secangkir Kopi Sejuta Cerita”, which means “A Cup of Coffee with A Million of Stories." @razack-pulo

My Thoughts With Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "There are moments when you stop and for a moment you think about the things you have experienced and ask yourself, was it worth it? Sitting with a cup of coffee, which is your companion in those moments when you let your mind wander and you quickly go back to your youth looking for answers to that unknown, which for a moment disconnects you from your surroundings and takes you back to those memories stored in your memory." @loboblanco "/>


At A Famous Coffee Shop In Our Locality

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "This place is one of the oldest coffeeshops here in our locality. They serve their own pure native coffee beans and grind it into aromatic Coffee powder. Honestly, I feel so blessed whenever I passed by their place and smell the aromatic coffee while it's being grilled manually." @sarimanok "/>

How To Make A Homemade Cappuccino

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "At home you can recreate the typical bakery coffees. And here I show you how! The first thing we will do is the coffee, in my case I use a traditional strainer, if you have a coffee maker or use instant coffee it also works.""/> @emybaby

Quick Breakfast Collaboration: Iced Green Tea with Indonesian Cakes!

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Today mom and I went to our favorite shopping center which was located at the heart of Jakarta. There, we were a bit hungry but it was still at around 10 am something so we thought about having a quick breakfast.. The idea was buying the Indonesian cakes in a cake stall not far from the supermarket entrance then we would have the tea in a beverage stall inside the supermarket." @devyleona "/>

Have Bought 1 Set of Coffee Molds, Tried to Use... Did I Succeed???

"A few days ago, my order for several utensils arrived. One of the several utensils is 1 set of coffee molds.1 set contains 16. They are made of plastic. The sixteen coffee molds have different motifs from each other. I used the "NESCAFÉ Classic" coffee. I mixed coffee, sugar, hot water, sweetened condensed milk in a bottle, closed the lid, and shook it. @faisalhanafih

Trung Nguyen Coffee- The Legend

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Trung Nguyen Coffee has been the leader in Vietnam since its inception and is widely known, nowadays, throughout the world. Trung Nguyen is the company with the most coffee-restaurant franchises in Southeast Asia, with over 2,500. They also export coffee products to more than 60 countries. In addition to the Vietnamese who have been used to drinking coffee as it has been a part of their culture since the French colonial era, Trung Nguyen Coffee has also become quite popular among foreigners who would like to try the finest Vietnamese coffee." @trangbaby"/>

Cold Shake Sachet Coffee in a simple shop, Aceh coffee shop

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I like cold coffee whose price is only 5 thousand rupiah, sachet coffee is my favorite coffee because the presentation is not complicated, in this photo I show off a cup of coffee that I can't name, I ordered it in a cold shake coffee option, so the foam from this coffee is very thick and dripping out of the glass." @zulfahmi0221"/>


Creamy Memory

"Today, when it was almost dark, I wanted to cry. Not because I'm sad. I just want to cry, listen to a mellow song, while sipping a creamy drink.
Enjoying life while crying, does that make sense? To me that makes sense. Why not? Crying is my healing. It's like you take out all the trash that's suppressing all your feelings, then you cry, and then you can relax. Well, long short story, my ex hates my behavior that likes to cry for no reason. Yes, I also hate him for not being able to accept me. I ordered “Roasted Milk Tea With Tapioca Pearls”, then sat on the terrace in my hanging chair while facing the almost dark sky after sunset, with flowers that might have been tired of blooming." @anggreklestari


Enjoy The Night At Kallia Coffee Shop
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"Sunday night, I went to one of the coffee shops that are viral in my town, that Kallia Coffe, who it turns out is located not far from my parent's house. Kallia Coffee is one of the new coffee shops in my town. Although, kallia is a new coffee shop, this coffee shop already has a lot of visitors and customers." @isdarmady

Let's Make Iced Coffee Milk
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"A few days ago my brother made an iced coffee drink but the coffee was made into ice cubes first, and I thought it was interesting so I wanted to make it too. Therefore this time I will also make iced coffee where the coffee will be made into ice cubes first and then the iced coffee will be doused with milk." @sweetest

Afternoon with a Cup of Americano Coffee
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"I went to a cafe with my wife and a child. Today is a public holiday, we get the opportunity to take a short walk to enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Arriving at a cafe, I stopped for a while to enjoy a cup of coffee. Before the order was brought, we talked briefly about the coffee shop, and watched my daughter Fiona, who was so impatient to enjoy coffee. We took selfies, and I captured some corners of the room. There are some pictures of the collection that I captured. They are classic photos of American musicians, and some classic car photos artistic value." @afridany1


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