Coffee and coffee shop moments: A posting contest. My Entry: An Ode to Coffee.

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Hello there, coffee lovers and all sorts of infusions in general. This is my entry for this awesome contest. I quite like a coffee a lot. If it weren't so bad to drink more than 3 cups a day, I would drink the stuff regularly, maybe that way I wouldn't eat too much. But I digress. I wanted to show my love for coffee taking a page out of writing an ode to coffee. I hope you enjoy it along a cup of your favorite kind of coffee, tea, chocolate or else. It was a blast doing some little bits of research to add some facts to the whole imagery of the work. It also took me quite some time, hence the late entry.

Ode to Coffee

”Life in this world can be divided in two periods: the pre-caffeine and after.”

Is there any drink comparable to it? Tea is dull and watery. Alcohol might trick. Its function is to hamper thought, after all. From the elixirs made by Gods—or with Gods—the Mead of Poetry is a close second. It is the world’s most radical drink, sparker of revolutions, breaker of dream-spell, lifter of spirits, boon of thoughts. Its beans are the true magic, capable of taking a man to heavens and back. Morning-craving, bitter and sweet quaffings.

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The plant is not native to my land. It has traveled long. Back in the cradle of humanity, it was a treasure of Oromo people. When slaves were sold to Yemen, the Sufi Muslims turned it into an infusion. This beverage fused with the customs of the Islamic world. Did you know being unable to bring enough coffee to your wives was grounds for divorce? Who would like to be with someone who can’t bring enough coffee anyway? Before the British were enticed by tea, it was coffee what made their kingdom run. The East India Company was a café before running trade in the world. Yet, it has been banned multiple times. It appears politicians have never liked people thinking for their own. Especially, when they can drink something boosting their thoughts. Camile’s blood was high on caffeine giving his famous speech. Two days after, the French stormed the Bastille. Thanks to gentleman of the same nationality, we have it in our shores. Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu brought a little plant to Martinique in 1720, sharing his daily ration of water. This might be the only stain in this plant’s record.

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I took this pretty drawing from a dictionary

Nowadays, there’s tons of preparations. Sugar, cream, milk, sweets, chocolate, cold, hot, blended, or mixed, they please everyone’s palates. However, those who do not like it, might want to reconsider their life’s choices. Its preparation is simple enough. Get some toasted beans and grind them to coarse dust. Put them in boiling water. The water, the elixir of life, crystalline perfection waiting for its true purpose. Let both get to know each other until the mixture resembles a perfect union of lovers. Sift it through paper or cloth. This discarded coffee is a tribute to life. Used but not entirely disposable. Some women say it is good for the skin; I prefer its use as fertilizer, retuning coffee to the ground that nourished it. Take a deep breath while it strains. Feel the essence of the Arabic world come to your kitchen. Transport yourself to a Penny University, listening to great philosophers and businessmen. Let your mind be inspired for revolution. Shed a tear for labor in hot plantations, for native land confiscated. Feel the weight of your cup as the as weight of the world itself.

When the slow and steady flow has ended, and coffee is ready. Take a sip and enjoy the acid notes telling you about the blends, soil, and history. Let yourself be seduced by the darkness of its color. It is the kiss of the earthy muses. Awake from your dreams—ready to face the hardships of life. A cup of coffee: the flavor of home; medicine for your gut; the best first date; liquid love; a sweet afternoon; family reunion; art. Simply, the best thing in the world.

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