A special coffee house - Project for handicapped people


Dear coffee lovers all around the world, in this first photo you can see what a coffee in Austria mostly looks like when it is served in a coffee house.

There is the coffee, of course, but there is always a small glass of water and a small sweet. Mostly a small piece of chocolate or a small cookie, all together just served on a little tablet.

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special and wonderful coffee house concept, which was created by an association for life assistance for people with handicapps.

Meanwhile there are several such coffees and in all of them work disabled people as salaried service staff. I was there today for a cup of coffee and thereupon decided that I would like to take this concept here in the contest and out to the world.

Apart from the fact that the coffee is really excellent, this concept is such a wonderful way to integrate these people into a "normal" life. And it lowers the often seen distance of "normal" people to get in touch with disabled people.

It is also very nice and comfortable place to rest there, now that it is already autumn and cooler here, they have put blankets and skins for their guests in the outdoor area. Very charming.


Of course I couldn't take pictures of the handicapped service staff, but if you want to have a look at them, you find some nice pictures on their website. I know it's unusual, but it's the best way to get an idea of what kind of people have been given the chance to work. This makes them full members of society and this means a lot to them.

On www.famoos.at ( under the heading "willkommen" and "über uns" ) you can see pictures of them enjoying their work in a friendly and human atmosphere. They also make really excellent cakes and other sweets.

These we bought once for a birthday, where we didnt have the time for baking. Really delicious!

Of course, in the service it sometimes happens that they spill a little or forget an order. However, this is rare and it all does not matter at all, because they do their job with so much love and gratitude, which is indescribable.

I have to admit for myself that the interaction in this coffee house has helped me a lot to approach people with handicaps more easily and carefree.

One of the girls, working there, has even participated in the Special Olympics and won a medal. Great achievement!

These lovely people show us how grateful we all should be to be alive. They hold up a mirror to us about the trivialities we often worry about. And they tell us: The most important thing is simply to live and be there for each other, everything else is secondary.

Life is really too short not to just enjoy it. Be it with a cup of tea or hot chocolate or a simple glas of water or a tasty cup of coffee!

Thanks to @galenkp , running this contest with the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community, without you I would not have seen this great community. There are still so many new things for me to discover on the HIVE Chain.
Since I could not find out, how to put a link on a word, here is the link to Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community below:

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As always, I hope you enjoyed my posting :-) B.

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