Avocado Coffee Recipe

I Remember


Hello everyone!
This day is so hot and prepared with a mind to enjoy a cup of coffee that is cold. Then I remembered a sweet memory when I was dating my husband of that time (6 years ago) he took me into a coffee shop which is famous in the city of Medan.
I remember back in the name of the coffee shop, marcehat coffee name. Located on the Karo road, no. 2, Medan, North Sumatera.
That time I ordered 1 glass of avocado coffee. You'd think, with avocado coffee what? That's typical of this coffee shop. It feels incredible to make me still reminisce about that dish.
A few moments later, my husband came home quickly because there is a lot of work that he did, and brought the 3 pieces of avocado is ready to eat. And my mind is back for real, I think I want to make a cup of coffee avocado as Marcehat coffee.

I Brew A Cup Of Coffee

However, due to the limitations of science in brewing coffee, I ask the guide to make a cup of coffee from my husband. He suggested I make coffee with a french press. Because of the way that easiest for a beginner like me.
I prepare everything and it's time to start!

I need some tools like french press and glass. Then wear some of the ingredients such as roasted bean coffee, 1 avocado, and palm sugar which has been melted. I always create and save palm sugar liquid as inventory, because it is very good if used as a sweetener to a cup of coffee.


The Steps

To step first, I wash and smooth avocado. I wear a blender, you can use a food processor anything that can smooth the fruit.



For the roasted bean coffee, I wear as much as 18gr roasted coffee and start to grinder the seeds with a medium size, not too smooth, and not too rough.



Then, once in the grinder, I pour the coffee grounds into the french press and brew slowly with hot water, and wait for 2-3 minutes (resting).



Next Step i.e. press coffee so the coffee grounds settle and pouring into a glass that already contains puree avocado. Then, give the palm sugar liquid to taste, the dose depending on your taste. Also, you can enjoy this coffee with ice to get the freshness of a cup of coffee with this avocado.



Have a nice day!

See you in the next one.

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