Honesty and a Cup of Coffee


I just need honesty always lodged in my heart like coffee that sticks with longing~Afridany

I am lucky to live with honesty. Honesty has given me more freedom in thinking and acting. Even though I sometimes make mistakes, honesty helps me to get out of the chaos of life.

Only honesty I can rely on in my every decision and policy through all the problems of life. I listened to my mother's advice, to always stay out wherever I go, and whatever I do.

I don't have much money, but when I'm honest I keep it as if I feel rich. I see that honesty is very clean from a high degree.


Every morning I always buy coffee with honesty. I only brought Rp. 5000 for a packet of coffee. I bought the coffee in a plastic package for Rp. 3000 and two pieces of cake for Rp. 2000. I can get by with all of that in half a day. The coffee I buy I keep in a thermos, and I drink it when I want to enjoy it.

The coffee I drink is black coffee, which is sold traditionally and it is the coffee of the fishermen. Yes, only black coffee. I can play it many times, sometimes it lasts until the sick day. I can't eat rice, but coffee gives me energy and can withstand hunger. That's why every morning I always buy coffee and store it in a thermos.

Coffee has become a staple drink substitute in my daily life. I feel like I can't live without coffee. Before I do activities and work, I first enjoy coffee and a cigarette. There is no agreement in my coffee, but coffee seems to give me the strength to endure.

After drinking coffee since morning, I can hold my hunger until 2 in the afternoon. I just stuffed my stomach with a piece of bread or a piece of doughnut. Thus all my spirits are more focused and concentrated.

Over the past week, I've also been writing with a cup of coffee. No coffee everything will not work out perfectly. Various inspirations seemed to just flow when I started typing word for word. All sentences are like caffeine that flows after the stream of coffee boils in my veins. I don't have to think about where all the storylines and ideas come from taking a few sips of coffee.

The coffee I drink can also help neutralize the nicotine contained in cigarettes. It even makes my heart healthier and far from heart attacks. Maybe, if you are a smoker without drinking coffee alertness.

The black coffee I drink also opens my eyes and the eyes of my heart I am more sensitive, although when I write I feel scared, but I feel so brave to write all the words into a narrative sentence.

How much coffee a day do I drink? About a pint, and that's what I've been drinking for years. Coffee has helped me so much without an appointment, without asking for anything more from me than to help and all my activities and activities.

I should have seen coffee on coffee, that all along it has helped my life and helped me. I can't imagine how else to live my life without coffee, when I have nothing but my honesty on coffee. Coffee will always help honest people and can improve all the needs of people living in this world, apart from monthly per capita income.

This afternoon, unexpectedly someone came, and told me that he had harvested the rice. He left rice for me to send to someone. Then, I contacted the person in question. I told him, it turns out that the intended person allowed me to eat the rice.

Thank you for reading my filosofi coffee story about the importance of honesty.

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