Enjoy a Cup of Ginger Drink or Bandrex


This afternoon my wife took me to visit an organic tavern. It is located by the beach and is very good for reflecting thoughts.


The place is like a cafe, but open. The chairs were arranged so neatly when I arrived to the place. A short fat woman who was none other than a merchant in that place greeted me so gently. I returned his smile with a greeting. Everything we do together is part of our culture that is inseparable when we are in a meeting.

We chose a seat and placed our order. My wife ordered Bandrex without milk. Not long after that the order was brought on a tray filled with two cups of Bandrex and fried bananas, grilled meatballs, tofu, fried tempeh and accompanied by a mixture of palm sugar seasoning. I ate it first, and his wife followed later.


Wait a minute, from the color at first glance this drink looks like tea, but this is not tea. Bandrex is a kind of herbal drink that is traditionally processed with a mixture of spices such as pepper, ginger, galangal, peanuts, pepper and so on. I don't know for sure the recipe. But the composition of this drink is part of the spices, the taste is very delicious.


Bandrex is an afternoon drink that is suitable for people with cough with phlegm, shortness of breath, or internal ailments. Because Bandrex is the same as comics. After drunk can make the throat so plong.

More precisely, this drink is very good to drink in cold weather conditions, when the sky is cloudy or the rainy season. While under the hot sun bandrex drinks are not the right choice, I least like bandrex when the sun is crawling overhead.

After enjoying a bandrex drink that afternoon, we took a short walk around the city. The bandrex that afternoon had involved my wife being a true lover, even though at our age, the bandrex made my wife more romantic and gave me a kiss on the street.


Before I finally close with a cup of coffee, Bandrex also represents our feelings in the harmony of a happy household and is perfect for the coffee lover category. That's all guys, greetings and thanks.

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