Notes on the many kinds of Love (from the sensual to the spiritual) ❤️



As true Love deepens, shyness recedes.

Love is the real life coach - the rest are assistants or impostors.

Don't wake a sleep-walker, they say. The same applies to life long day-dreamers: children, artists, thinkers, mystics, lovers or revolutionaries.

If Love were not always a step ahead, how would it ensure we kept up the chase?

True love is the One we keep returning to.


If religions are understood as organized Love then, by definition, hate is heresy.

The mysticism of love unlocks secrets.

We must try not to watch our hand when we give, create, love.

Love has no off button - even though we may switch stations, or turn the volume down.

We only ever love once, though there are a hundred versions of it.

Art is the love we make by ourselves, says the ego.

Art is the love we make with an invisible other, replies the spirit.

Narcissism requires keeping a distance from one's reflection; an inch closer, and the love spell is broken.

Yahia Lababidi


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