🧠 What is Proof Of Brain? An introduction 🧠

Dear Brainers? Brainiacs? No-brainers?

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POB Tribe

Proof of Brain is a Hive Tribe that came live a few months back and has enjoyed a good community growth. Their UI is simple but very easy to handle and to use.

It focuses on curation and quality content.

Some things I like about ProofOfBrain are:

  • There are no Miners token or witnesses; making it a 100% curation + blogger's platform
  • No pre-mine tokens and as for Bitcoin a 50% rewards decrease every 4 years
  • The Wallet is in the same UI as your posts / comments. As opposed to Hive / or old Steem that send you to hivewaller, etc...
  • When you post through the UI you get a posted via proofofbrain.io which is a good way to advertise your community / UI.
  • When writing a post you can easily select the cover image you would like to use (it does not have to be the 1st posted)
  • You can also select a "maximum accepted payout" (in HBD) which can be useful for very powerful users or community accounts
  • You can save MULTIPLE Templates
  • The community is active and still in early stage, therefore you can enjoy the benefit of being an early adopter

Source: LeoDex

POB Chart on @leodex

As we can see below, the price has been trending upwards over the past 3 months and is solidly sitting around 2 Hive per POB at the moment making it once of the most expensive community token on Hive.


My own POB Stake


I did not buy POB as of yet as I am trying to build a LEO stack at the moment but I have been stacking my rewards consistently and I am now in the Top 200 POB Holders. Even with "just" c.250POB.

By the way, it may not seem much but it means my upvote is worth 0.36 POB already ! Wait till I get to 5K+ ! :D

Top 5 POB TokenHolders beware !

I am coming for you @onealfa.pob, @proofofbrainio, @trostparadox, @leprechaun, @richardcrill !


Only 51400 POB left to be number 1! xD

This is all for this post about ProofofBrain (POB) that I posted through the native UI and I believe this community should continue to be very successful going forward.


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