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POB Price Concern🤔, Thoughts and Suggestions!

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Hello to Everyone

I have seen many people around here expressing their concerns regarding current POB price, its getting a lot of buzz now. So let's talk about it.

Why the Price is declining? Are People selling there POBs? Why they are so desperate to sell their POBs at such low prices 🤔? I Really don't get it.

How Many of you think it is wise to sell your POBs around 0.1 or 0.2$? Do POB really worth it? Are the current sellers to much desperate? I am no one to judge them, it's their choice though, but I know one thing for sure that it really don't worth it.

On the contrary if we look the bright side of this, isn't it the best time to invest and increase your stake. Yes, it is. So those who are looking for investment, its your time to act now, hurry up before its too late. Also I wonder what could be done to get some Hive whales to join POB rich list?


POB has a total supply of 21 million tokens with linear rewards split 50/50 to author and curators. For the first 42 million Hive blocks, the reward pool will distribute 10 tokens every 40 blocks which is 50 tokens approximately every 10 minutes.

A question to all the POB sellers, Do you guys aware of the current APR on Curation rewards of POB tribe?

Sorry to say this, But if you are one of those who are here just to take away POB rewards and sell them, no matter the price, or participation in the community and getting excited on earning free POBs from the Best Rewarding community, you are not doing much friend, trust me, you can achieve more and get best returns on social blockchain by staking your POBs. Don't believe me? OK, See for yourself, from the best @onealfa, here , He is earning 230$ per day from curation and the biggest contributer is POB only.

Surprised? Here is another example of engagement dividends of @amr008, engagement project, just see the returns on POB, here

So still you guys think selling POBs at such low prices is really a wise and profitable thing, when you have whole ocean to collect, why your are still after few drops?

I completely understand that we all here for some monetary reasons and there is nothing wrong in it, this is my way of saying that, you guys can get better rewards from staking, it's a better option to build a passive income portfolio here.

Why believe in POB? I would say learn from the best @onealfa.pob, who currently reached 100k POB stake milestone. He is constantly buying and staking POBs from the start. Although his initial investment is down to 1/10 at current prices, that doesn't affect his commitment and vision for this community. I learned a nice thing from him that, 1 POB is always 1 POB, so think in that way. We can't let the market price blur our commitment and vision for this community.

Take a cue from Leofinance Tribe, what a strong and well founded it is. Also leo price keeps varying from 0.1$ to 0.3$, we don't see any effects in the spirit of that community. Another example is Cent tribe, which is purely based on 1 cent price of the token, that doesn't effect its growth and it is doing wonderful now.

I don't know why there is so much fuss about current POB price, I really don't get it. To me it doesn't matter because even if POB price reach 10$, It will not effect me, why🤔, because I am staking and staking, I am staking 100% my rewards, now I am earning good curation rewards too, I will reach 2k POB power in next few weeks. I wonder why other people not doing it🤔, can't they see huge curation rewards POB tribe has to offer, also selling POBs at such low prices doesn't make sense, If somebody need money for his expense try selling other Tokens, but can you get the same curation rewards as POB from other Hive platforms? Think about it. I am putting my faith in the future of this tribe and I will keep my aggressive, full on staking mode, let's see how POB prices hold till next halving. So I request everyone plz stop worrying about and if possible stop selling your POBs right now, stake them and earn 200% APR from curation, if you don't have time for manual curation then delegate it to @amr008.pob into his impressive and highly engagement project and earn heavy returns.

I sincerely request @proofofbrainio, sir please make a comeback. Your engagement is much needed, there can be so much done, it's better to do nothing, at least we all can keep trying. We could invite top Hive whales to join the POB rich list and invest in the community. There can be airdrops or others rewards to encourage more people. There is already Brain powerup day on 2nd of each month hosted by @felipejoys, it could be great event with your support, for example someone Powering up 1000 POBs on that day, gets a 100% vote from you, 50% vote for 500 POBs, 10% vote for 100 POB power up. I would like to thank the POBleus team, its a great curation initiative. We could try more rewards initiatives, for people using POB front end and are active in the community.
I also liked the suggestions of @interpretation, here. I believe that everyday is full of opportunity and new beginnings and this is the time POB ride a new wave, what's wrong in experimenting and Innovations.

Disclaimer : This is not a Financial Advice. Its just my honest opinions and suggestions. I am always open to your suggestions and feedbacks. If you find this post a little bit exaggerated or crazy, sorry in advance. But I always have Best Interest of POB in Heart.

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Image Credits @hranhuk

Thank You and Have a Great Day 😊🙏

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