Convince me I'm wrong - Health Care Workers that Refuse to be vaccinated should be fired

Epistemological discussion around vaccine hesitancy and refusal by employees in the healthcare system.


150 people resign or are fired after refusing to get vaccinated at Houston Methodist. It is the first health system to impose the vaccine requirement.

hustonfireing.JPGOriginal Article: The Texas Tribune

Asymptomatic people can spread the disease and infect those at risk in the hospital setting. Vaccination combined with proper PPE deployment would prevent that from happening. If they don't believe in vaccination or the science behind vaccination then they should not be in the medical profession. They should be fired or find another profession if they do not vaccinate.

People should be fired for refusing the vaccine, am I wrong?

Let's take a little bit of the essence of street epistemology and see where the conversation takes us. Let's see if we can do this without name-calling, downvoting or degrading the conversation to meme's and "watch this video" posts. Be respectful. I will upvote every response that respects the nature of the discussion.


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