The high price of Hive gave me 2 months of peace of mind

Every end of the month I made some withdrawals from my profits both in POB and in other tokens and assets that I managed to accumulate during the month.

Focusing on removing partial and keeping partial to keep increasing my stake and thus growing progressively.

In my goals and stats the price of Hive would stay around $0.50 until October and not reach $1 before December.

However, yesterday arrived earlier than I expected, so I decided to make a more abrupt move.

I made a large withdrawal from some POB's that I had placed in higher values ​​and decided to settle at market price, to then transform it into my local currency and thus have greater peace of mind in the accounts.

To my surprise I was able to withdraw and still keep a few units the amount of 2 months of fixed and variable expenses that I spend per month.

That way, until October 31st I can "relax" a little more, focus on a few days at college because the exam week starts on September 20th, and thus accumulate everything I earn in that period without having to withdraw.

In fact, today was a happy day, despite all the turmoil I'm going through in my personal life, but it's not necessary to go into detail here, because with time everything will settle down.

Today is the day to know that I can get back to producing quality content with peace of mind and that the next two months will be a focus for the goals from November onwards.

I hope the price remains high and we can all improve our lives a little. It's great to accumulate some tokens, but if we don't do some partials to improve our lives, what's the use of all our effort here?

I hope that some of you have also been able to withdraw some amount for some need you have. Hugs.


(A photo of me in the Brazilian heat of 30º C at 6 pm to humanize the tangle of blockchain codes)

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