The gigantic potential of Hive

Just as the crypto world keeps growing, people looking for crypto solutions won't stop either.

The coming of several users who had no idea how to get a unit of a token, playing play to earn games, and getting to know the world of cryptos (and sometimes unfortunately putting the money in the wrong places, which will always happen) , brings a very important sign that we should keep an eye out.

As well as the boom that brought the game people to games, there will also be a boom or near boom of people on social networks looking to make money producing content.

And I can safely say that out of all the available that we have available at the moment, Hive is the best qualified.

And I don't even say for the platform itself or anything like that, but for the people who attend here. The ability of members to help new ones to grow and know better is notorious. There's a feeling of taking hands and helping newcomers, unlike many places where there's only one mob that's in the spotlight and they ignore the new faces that are always coming in, which makes them give up.

Even on the issue of token value, we see that the Hive is walking on its own two feet and reaching heights on its own, I don't need to be left in the shadow of a few years older brother, S***m.

SteemMonsters is an example of people who just play the card game but aren't currently interested in the postage issue even though it maximizes their profits. It's a matter of educating users and showing them how profitable this is as well as a great way to create new connections.

With this up market coming, it won't be surprising if the months of November, December and January saw a high influx of new users (where many will have given up in mid 2022, for not making the effort to read the tips for newbies) , and that many of these new users will be references for many things to come, that we can't even imagine.

Long live the Hive.

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