Take care of your mental health

For those who follow PobTalk you can notice the huge decrease in my frequency both in interactions there, as in rewards, so much so that I changed the way it works so that I could continue to keep it working.

Those who follow my posts may also notice in the last month, especially the last two weeks, a drop in post production as well.

This is due to a number of personal issues I've had (and some I'm still going through), but which I wouldn't want to expose here (not at the moment), as I feel there's still a lot to work on internally for me to externalize this.

And I'm doing this post to register an important moment for me on the blockchain. In 12 hours I will go to my first session at a psychologist. But I don't know how it works, I've never attended one.

I hope he can help me understand many things I'm going through and that I can find solutions to the problems (at least part of them would be a great help).

I know that a consultation lasting an hour cannot solve all the problems, and I will probably have to come back more often, but this is a first step. And it needs to be given for the next ones to happen too.

So I would encourage anyone who is experiencing a problem that cannot think and find a solution, try visiting a psychologist.

I don't know how it works in your country, here there is a public health system (expensive and inefficient) that provides you with a psychologist to assist you, but there is a high demand and a huge waiting list.

I'm going to fund this first session with my resources so I can see how it works and what it can help me with.

I'm available for anyone who wants to talk to me about it, just send me a message on instagram (social network that I respond faster) @edufecchio, or send a message on Discord (you can find me on the Proof Of Brain server) and still be prefer can be by comments in this publication, I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.

p.s.: Monday and today I played a little basketball, it's been 6 years since I've stepped on a court, in addition to the gym, basketball is also being a great ally both physically and to distract the mind a little.

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