Leaked COVID19 Vaccine Contracts Reveal That Pfizer Wields Huge Power Over the Nations It Has Sold Them To!

Details of the secret contract between Pfizer and numerous nation states has been leaked (and quickly censored on Twitter) by an Israeli software engineer. The document contains a stunning and egregious degree of power and domination being wielded by Pfizer of nations and may go a long way to explain some of the policies and attitudes being presented by 'world leaders' - who may actually be essentially be being held to ransom by vaccine manufacturers.


Ehden Bieber found and shared the somewhat redacted contract between Pfizer and Albania on his blog on the 29th July 2021. He states that he himself found it on an Albanian website and that it has been published there since January 2021, but no-one had exposed this internationally or even covered it in the mainstream media (I wonder why).

In general, contracts of this kind between governments and the vaccine manufacturers have been kept secret or only made available in highly redacted form. In this case we have most of the contract and can see first hand the extreme degree of control the manufacturers have required in their relationship to the nations and also in terms of their relationship to the end users of the shots.

Pfizer made clear that they are no liable for any failure to deliver:


Further, Pfizer allowed themselves the option to essentially redirect products to other customers whenever they liked - leaving the possibility open for them to essentially auction their stocks to the highest bidder - even after having agreed to sell them to specific nations.


Pfizer was extra clear that nations waive any right to complain if the deliveries are late (or basically if they don't arrive at all):


Albania was charged $12 per shot:


Whereas Israel's government's health agency stated it paid Pfizer $62 per shot!

Pfizer does not accept any refunds for any reason, except if it is found the shots do not conform to design within 24 hours of delivery!



Apparently the nations may have waived their own laws in order to seal the agreement:


Pfizer makes clear that there may be unknown adverse reactions to the shots and that essentially, the nations cannot claim against Pfizer if there are.


Critically, they state that the batches will not be serialised - which means that in the event of injuries occurring following administration of the shots, there is no way to trace the batches involved and thus minimal to zero mechanism that can be used to minimise the harm involved.

Pfizer will be totally immune from any legal action, penalties or prosecution that might arise from the creation and use of the shots:


The Government agrees to actively defend Pfizer against any legal action brought against them:


Pfizer reserves the right to take over the defence of such cases if they want to:


However, the government (aka tax payers) will pay for all costs incurred in such a process:


Pfizer essentially has power over the sovereign rights of the nation when it comes to clawing out any money or assets that it can in order to cover any costs incurred due to cases being brought against them:


Pfizer appears to have the ability to affect legal protection issued for them by the purchasing nation:


This all comes after the alternative media covered stories that Pfizer had demanded sovereign assets of nations, including military bases, to be put up as collateral in exchange for them providing the shots!

Ehden also provided another contract he found from Brazil that contains the same kind of terms - which this time was digitally signed to confirm it's authenticity.


While many of the clauses in this agreement are to be expected, they do paint a picture where:

  • Nations are forced to pay large sums for the shots whether they work or not and whether they kill people or not.
  • The manufacturers have zero liability if things go wrong.
  • The governments will be stuck with the large bills even if the shots are never authorised. This would mean they would have some kind of pressure on them to get the shots inside the bodies of the population using emergency authorisations in case they failed testing and were never fully authorised in order to avoid losing face.
  • The nations have literally bowed down before Pfizer in a real way, enabling Pfizer to hold all the power over the entire population involved. Were populations made clear of this legal situation? I don't think so!

We have known for years that vaccine manufacturers have secured unprecedented legal protection from vaccine injury claimants for decades, though this is the first time I have seen this occur in so many nations and with such thoroughness. Some might say it is understandable that manufacturers would want such protection in order to do their best to save lives without fear of being destroyed if things went wrong. However, it is fair to point out that the legal situation is generally not being made clear to shot recipients in most regions. Many people will naively assume that they have some kind of legal protection should they be injured or a loved one be killed by these inventions, however, they do not.

Given that the adverse event databases in the US, UK, Europe and Australia all show large numbers of deaths being attributed to these shots (NOT to COVID 19 itself), this means that in a very real way, governments have paid corporations large amounts of money to take actions which have killed large amounts of the population (in the name of saving lives) and that the population will pay for it all and have no way of finding remedy should they want to.

Quite a stunning situation and one that more people need to be made aware of!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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