The End Of An Era - Getting The Truck (My Home) Ready To Sell! (Photos Included)

I just realized, that when I sell my truck, I will no longer be @trucklife-family, unless I buy another truck. But I don't really see that happening. Okay, so I can't change my name on here, but it will mean the end of an era for me!


Today I spend a few hours treating the outside wood, with stain ( I didn't take any photos of it, unfortunately, but it now looks great). I have had to do this every year, as the sun is super intense here and when it does decide to rain it pours, so I need to look after the exterior wood.


Whilst I was doing it, it hit me that this will be the last time, that I do it. I have mixed emotions really, on the one hand it will be nice not to have to, but on the other hand, I am going to miss living in my mobile palace.


I recently took some pictures of the inside, I spend the morning tidying it up, with some help from two of my friends. I took some stuff out, as it can look a bit crammed in here, when the girls have all their stuff in.


My friend felt like it was a good idea to try and add some white in, to make the interior seem more spacious. I would never have a white interior, so in the end we just covered the end wall with some off white material, it's usually covered in red or orange material, which I prefer a lot more, but hey, I do want it to appeal to lots of people.


When we took some of the stuff out, my girls were very impressed with the extra space and it motivated them to get rid of more stuff, which I must say was great! I am not sure what I will do with all the things I have, keep downsizing I guess.


Books however, I find them real hard to let go, so perhaps I can find someone to look after them for me, for a while. You can see in some of the photos the amount of books that I have, there are 4 shelves in total, with one shelf belonging to my girls.


Ever since I have been on here, I have had people ask to see the inside of my truck, and finally I got round to showing you all. Even if it is as I prepare myself to say goodbye to it. I next want to make a video of the truck starting and the engine running.


Along with some videos of the tyres and a walk around, showing the whole outside of the truck. I am a little sad, but mostly I am excited, as it means a new beginning for me and my girls. A new chapter, where we get to create a new home together.


I remember writing a post, when I built the above couch with my girls. For anyone who is interested in the design of the walls, I ripped up some brown paper and then painted them. I had seen it done on earthen floors, but I used it on the walls instead. The floor is bamboo and super durable and water proof.

It's kind of hard to imagine myself living in something else, but I am kind of looking forward to getting to design something with my girls, something we can really make our own. So here's to new adventures and new beginnings.






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