See Why Tucker Carlson is Literally Hitler!

In a new Fox News video, Tucker Carlson comes out of the gate swinging against the injections, but why would he do this? Is Tucker a crazy man? Surely he knows the good scientist and doctor, Bill Gates, singlehandedly climbed Jack's beanstalk and pierced the veil into Valhalla, heroically stealing the ambrosia from the table where the God's supp.

Dr. Bill did this act of selflessness only to bring the potion back down to us mere mortals to help us to survive, and how did we thank him, you might ask? We gave this Carlson-asshole a national platform whereby he could vomit his putrid facts and his data at us while we sit down to try and enjoy our evening meals.

I mean, who cares if 12- to 15-year-olds worldwide are acquiring an inflammatory heart disease after getting the COVID-19 shot? Perhaps, what we've stumbled upon is a new and previously undiscovered "disease" called AIHDS (or Acquired Inflammatory Heart Disease Syndrome).

Did the CDC Plan an Emergency Meeting to Hide Heart Inflammation?

Perhaps if we did the right thing and honored people like Gates and Fauci, they could help us find the cure. Surely if we shovel untold billions in funding at these individuals for the next 40 years, they'll set aside their greedy population reduction plans because the money we pay them gives them a moral obligation to deliver a product that works.

Go to hell, Tucker, you asshole! You can take your data, facts, logic, and reason with you! The science got settled, and the shots are effective! After some time, maybe about 12 years or so, we'll have the data, and we'll know what they're effective at, and you, Sir, you're going to be very embarrassed about how bad a human bean you were.

You might even still be alive because the good sky gods didn't see you worthy enough to supp with them in Valhalla. Then you'll be sorry! You'll have to stay down here and supp with the Dogs in their deep underground military bases while they plot and scheme on who they plan to kill after dinner.

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