Original DipshitDon Pt. II "Don" Cuomo Edition ✨

If "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable," then when the world is InBetween a rock and a hard place, does humanity have the fortitude to achieve what needs to get done peacefully?

↑ Click above image to hear this wanksta talk sheeeii..
Losers like "Don" Cuomo are trying to foment a violent revolution.(F)
Not one Fredo or Cuomo was harmed in the making of this meme.
Unlike those in the nursing homes forced to take on COVID-19 patients.

The memeing lay within the context of the gangsterism witnessed in this video.

↑ Click above for peaceful revolution at FrankSpeech.com
Meanwhile, people like Mike Lindell want truth and peace.(L)

As for me,
Sign me up for the Latter.
Although, as an American, I'm
Also Equipped for the Former.

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Original DipshitDon Meme w/Audio.
AJs' take on dipshit "Don" cuomo.

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