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This is a Chain story passed between @zakludick and @therneau. Each writer authors a post based on the events of previous episodes and carries on the story.

There is very little collusion between the writers as it is challenging to discover and develop a story by attuning the writing to the partner's plot, style, and presentation.


Last Time on Space Lore ZT

Thorne was tasked with steering the ship through the debris field.

Although he wasn't familiar with operating on such a Bridge, he felt over the controls, and after a few questions, blasted them off successfully and through the debris, leaving most of the crew astounded by the performance.


As the ship made it past the last of the debris, the crew saw what appeared to be vast expanses of water.

“Hey, Cyborg guy. Where to from here?” Thorne called out over his shoulder as the ship descended toward the planet.

“There’s a peak about 25 minutes out. Set the coordinates for 74°35'37.57"S 164°54'28.90"E.”

“Where the heck do I input those,” Thorne said, as he looked across the screen.

“Done,” Captain Freyai called out from behind him, as she stepped from the command chair.

“Does that mean I can let go here?” Thorne asked, as his hands still gripped the controls.

“Yes, thank you Thorne. You’ve done your part.”

As Freyai came up next to Thorne, they looked out over tumultuous waters. Waves the size of skyscrapers crashed into each other. The pattern was unlike the normal flows of an ocean, as random towers of water crashed into each other with a deafening force, littering the skies with murky brown droplets.

“Geez, quite the planet to pick,” Thorne mumbled.

Captain Freyai didn’t respond. Instead, she just looked on at the wild waters.

“Twenty minutes out,” Specialist Aujuk called out.

“Do we know what to expect upon landing?” his Captain asked.

“Let me check Captain,” Specialist Aujuk said, before communicating in the odd clicks and buzzes with J5.

This lasted less than 30 seconds before he responded.

“According to our estimates, life used to thrive on this planet. The rock we’re headed towards may have some forms of life about, but due to the degradation of the planet, it’s likely to be the strongest and most intelligent that’s still around.”

It was standard practice in the known galaxies to check for life before exploring new planets which frustrated the captain even more.

“Specialist Aujuk, you know it’s standard practice to do these checks before landing on a new planet.”

“My apologies captain. I’ve been distracted with the ship’s modifications.”

Captain Freyai stared at him, her mouth slightly ajar.

“Do you and J5 have a death wish?” she finally queried.

Before the cyborg could respond, Freyai continued.

“I’ve just about had enough playing with death lately. Navigator Khree, bring up the heat scanners. We’re not landing on that rock until I know exactly what’s in store for us.”

“Yes, captain,” Khree responded, as he flicked through the touchscreen.

“We have to land in order to finalize the ship’s transformation,” Specialist Aujuk objected.

Freyai simply waved him off. She was fed up with this bot’s obsession with changing the ship.

“Scanners are active. Zooming toward the targeted location. Locked in captain,” Navigator Khree called out.

Freyai made her way toward Navigator Khree’s station, scrutinizing the screen.

Lower down on the rock, there were no heat signatures, however, the higher up she looked, she could see a flurry of activity.

“Can we get any distinguishable visuals yet?”

“No, captain. I can estimate their size.”

“Go ahead.”

Navigator Khree did a quick, on-screen calculation.

“They appear to be around waist height and moving on all fours. I can’t determine whether these larger signatures are groups moving together, or other, much larger beings.”

“Thank you Khree. At least someone seems to be concerned about life aboard the ship,” she said, as she looked at the cyborg, still consumed with altering the ship.

“Everyone, listen up. We’ll do a closer inspection of the rock once we arrive. Navigator Khree has picked up several heat sources higher up, which we’ll investigate once we’re there.”

“Captain,” Specialist Aujuk chimed in, “We’re going to require a final alteration to our fuel source.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a particular mineral available on the rock that’s critical in fueling the completely altered ship. That’s another reason J5 picked this planet.”

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you,” Freyai said, seething.

“I’ve had enough of this!”

Thorne saw this Auk’ilit captain was about to explode. He’d quietly been observing all the interactions, however, this time he felt he needed to intervene.


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