Book of Space Lore: Log SLZT 10


This is a Chain story passed between @zakludick and @therneau. Each writer authors a post based on the events of previous episodes and carries on the story.
There is very little collusion between the writers as it is challenging to discover and develop a story by attuning the writing to the partner's plot, style, and presentation.
Last time on Space Lore


Last time on Space Lore

Log 9 by @zakludick

J5 started experiencing various human like emotions, even causing him to feel bad about his attack on the Pathfinder XVIII. He was constantly battling with his built-in automatic override system and started doubting whether he should proceed with taking the Ocophial to The Collective. He found it and it gave him a type of understanding he’d never experienced before as an AI. J5 shut down the ships engines to buy more time for him to process his new understanding, and he turned to Thorne Herm for help.


Log SLZT 10

Specialist Aujuk led his captain towards his chambers, all the while creating a small handheld EMI device. He didn’t want to create any suspicion, therefore it appeared to be one of their regular communication devices they’d use should there be an issue with the wrist coms.

His chamber was small. It had a single bed, desk and a computer system that operated by his guided hands. Aside from that, there was barely enough space to stand.

When they entered, Aujuk activated the device, causing electronic interference all around.

“Captain, take a seat.”

Captain Freyai was still reeling at the news about the Ocophial as she took a seat on his bed.

‘This can’t get out. It could cause absolute anarchy.’

Even though her crew was loyal, she only had absolute faith in her top tier staff. She’d learned through the years that money and power cause strange behaviors amongst the galaxy’s species.

“I know what you’re thinking, Captain.”

The sudden words from Specialist Aujuk snapped her from her train of thought.

“I’ll make it brief before the EMI implodes. We will refer to it as Jade from here on.”

Even though Jade was admired for its beauty, especially amongst humans, it would not create madness amongst the masses. He was right, this was indeed the right idea.

Captain Freyai nodded in agreement and the Cyborg scanned the corridor outside. It was clear.

“I’m going to head to The Bridge and assist with the repairs,” he said as he ushered his captain out the door.

“I’ll meet you there in 5 minutes,” Captain Freyai said, as she headed in the opposite direction.

She now understood the hostility from J5. Should something with such power end up in the wrong hands it could cause absolute devastation. She headed to her quarters. She just needed some time to think as J5’s words kept playing over in her mind.

‘This is J5 of the Lazarus Falchion. Let that be a warning. Do not attempt to track me. Do not attempt to follow me. Next time, there will be complete devastation on your ship.’

That’s when she came up with an idea. Although it might be a little bit risky, she’ll run it past Specialist Aujuk. J5 never mentioned that they can’t communicate with him, it, or whatever J5 is.

When she reached The Bridge, most of the repairs had been completed. Specialist Aujuk skillfully re-did the wiring, to the point of not even knowing they’d just been attacked.

As Captain Freyai approached from his right, he responded.

“No wonder sparks went flying everywhere. The insulation on the old wiring is PVC. I’ve created a nano coating that can withstand far greater physical and electrical attacks.”

Captain Freyai shook her head. Everytime the cyborg surprises her with how competently functional he is, she realizes again that his human aspect annoys her. This is something he would have known about when he first boarded the ship 2 years ago. Why didn’t he just upgrade it then? Fortunately for him, there were more important matters at hand.

“Are you done gloating?”

“Well, not quite. I also-“ Captain Freyai interjected.

“I don’t have time for this. Are you done? We need to talk about Jade.”

Without responding, Specialist Aujuk finished the last coating, “There, I’m done. What would you like to discuss Captain?”

“Do you have any idea yet about who controls that ship?”

“I do, and the probability is 99.999% that it’s an advanced Artificial Intelligence. This is the only realistic conclusion I can make with the knowledge we have available.”

Captain Freyai went back to her command console with Specialist Aujuk in tow. They’ve disabled the tracking system; however, she could still see the ship via an alternative network which updated every 2 minutes. This system was a general use system for tracking shipments, so it won’t set off any alarm signals aboard the Lazarus Falchion. Anyone aboard a ship could access these.

“J5 didn’t mention that we can’t communicate with him, correct?” Captain Freyai asked.

“Yes, that’s correct, therefore it won’t retaliate if we attempt to communicate. An AI doesn’t make mistakes, so I find it odd.”

“We’ve adhered to its demands, so we shouldn’t be seen as a threat,” Captain Freyai thought out loud.

She realized that her rationale was solid, however it still had a potential risk factor involved. After what she’d seen today, who knows what else may be in store?

“Specialist Aujuk, establish contact with the Lazarus Falchion. I want J5 to know that we’re not hostile.”

Captain Freyai Cordine felt a sensation that only happened once in her life before. It was the day she was born. Intelligence already develops within their species before they come out of the makeshift wombs. Those that make it, are the strongest and most intelligent, managing to find their way to their parents through the dangrous terrain. She was one out of 3 that made it that day. As for the other 97, they had perished. Driven by instinct and a sense of survival, her every move led her to her parents. Freyai felt the same sense of being drawn towards the Ocophial, as she did back then.

“Are you certain Captain?”

“Yes, I am. If it’s truly an AI controlling that ship, it’ll be able to determine our true convictions.”

“What are your true convictions?”

“I want to help.”

The cyborg almost looked as though he wanted to smile for a split second.

“Very well Captain. I’ll establish a layered direct connection that can’t be intercepted.”


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