Feeding your child

Feeding a baby/child is a task in itself. I'm sure all the mommies out here must have witnessed this challenge. Sometimes they eat, but most of the times they throw tantrums. There are days when I just give up. I'm like if he doesn't want to eat, I don't want to feed. Like got to hell you kiddo!

But then, as a parent, you realize you have to give them food. So I tried some techniques which worked wonders for me. My baby eats very well now and I feel so relaxed.

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Let me tell you how i played around.

  1. Never force feed your child. Sometimes they are genuinely not hungry which happens with us as well. Signs - they make a puckish face when given food.
  2. Don't feed them separately. Make them sit and eat with you while yo have your food. This ways they don't feel ant special attention is being given to them and tend to eat calmly.
  3. Don't take their tantrums on what they want. No separate dishes for them. Just give them what has been prepared for everyone. Let them know that's what they are going to get for a long time now, get them used to it.
  4. Don't overfeed by giving intermediate snacks or goodies. They have a small tummy you see, which gets full very easily. So give them proper food at proper time and munchies should be limited.

To all the mommies, please don't panic if they don't eat. When they are hungry, they will have no choice but to come back to you and ask for food. So sit back and relax.

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