Comment of the Week || Contest #7

Hello Friends!

Thank you for the amazing response on Contest #6. I was elated to see the responses and the support I got from all of you.

And the winners are:

1st Prize - 10 POB goes to @whiteangey
2nd Prize - 7 POB goes to @yangyanje
3rd Prize - 5 POB goes to @mineopoly

I am excited to put forth Contest #7 for the Comment of the Week contest.

Let's get going!

Untitled design - 2021-07-26T170410.518.png

Comment of the Week Question

How do you manage to be respectful to your parents while keeping your own decisions and choices intact?

How you answer

Just drop a comment with your answer below and append a hashtag #cotw towards the end of your comment.

Please note entries without the #cotw will not be considered for rewards.

Contest validity

You have 7 days to answer the question, winners will be announced on the eighth day (next Monday)

Contest rewards

I plan to give away rewards as below:

1st Prize - 10 POB
2nd Prize - 7 POB
3rd Prize - 5 POB

This is my way of showing my gratitude to those who showed faith in me by supporting me. As I grow, I will surely increase the rewards for the contest.

How I plan to judge

My judgment on the comments would be on the basis of:

  1. Creativity
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Personalisation

Your comment must exemplify the above three parameters.

Looking for sponsors

If anyone would like to sponsor this contest through liquid POB or upvotes, please comment below to show your support. I will be really grateful and at the same time, it would encourage me to host more of such contests in the future.

All the best!!

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