Pobdaily;26th of July 21

Hello everyone! How was your day? My day was good,I hope yours was good also. I’d like to share how my day went with y’all on here.
Started today with a prayer,tho I had to say the prayer shortly and quickly do some exercise before I continue my revision for exam,I’ve been super busy with exams lately which is one of the major reasons why I’ve not been active on here.i had my bath and left for the examination venue some minutes past 7am,I had to quickly revise again before the exam starts,at exactly 8am we started the exam and it lasted for two hours thirty minutes,thank God the exam was a success because I came across everything I read and I was able to answer those questions to the best of my knowledge,I was so happy.


After the exam I went back home and took a nap because my head was aching me,I’ve been reading all night and I couldn’t get enough sleep,after I woke up I got something to eat,did a few research for my next exam which would come up tomorrow,after that I went back to school to study for few hours,I had to cover up some topics in the course,it’s actually a complex course but I was able to cover up the major topics.


On my way home I came across a friend who studies performing act,he invited me over to see a stage drama being acted by his Departmental mates,I had no choice than to accept his offer and join him to see the drama. It was actually an interesting drama,I learnt a lot from the drama and I also enjoyed the little time I spent there. I headed back home after the drama,had dinner and here I am telling you about how my day went before I’d go to bed.
Thanks for reading

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