Malaysia blog [The best time to go when the mood is bad]

Everyone wants to go for a walk. However, due to the surroundings, it is not always possible to stay in the tour mood. There are various minor problems. There are some people who prefer to travel, but I am one of them.

Every Wednesday I usually have my holidays so I prefer to wander around different places than at home and try to take my mind and the surrounding environment beautifully because seeing the environment changes my mind and mindset. I tried to bring it to you today. To catch up I went to a town yesterday and I will try to give some pictures and a little detail of what he did there.


At first I started with my pictures because the pictures show a love for my work and the faith in my work grows so I started with my pictures


The picture you see above is the picture you see in the apartment. The picture of my house is in this language. I live in this house every day. I go out for my work and work in the neighborhood. If you want, you can see the environment inside and around this house by looking at my previous posts


This is the only way out of my house to go to different places where we have to go for markets and cars because the roads here are much bigger because there is enough space here to bring in everything from fire service cars to emergency supplies. The government can take these things hard and nicely so the road is very big I thought I should share it with you


This is a park that has been unusable for the past three years because no one could sit properly because the surroundings were so dirty and bad when everything was infected with the coronavirus. Maybe then we saw that the park has been redesigned with enough play equipment for the kids and people have done a lot of work and decoration so that they can enjoy their time sitting here. Now the environment is much more beautiful. I will try this in the next blog. To present some detailed information about the park in front of you

But I have been living in Malaysia for six years. I have lived in this area for six years. But when I first came to this area, I saw a lot of people spending a lot of their time in this park. Enjoy but next time it is broken some rules because due to disobedience it is hoped that in a few days the party will be as good as before and people will be able to spend time here for peace of mind.


This is a market where all the people around us buy their food from here because there is no insect market nearby so everyone buys their necessities from here. We all have enough food shops here. We collect our daily necessities from e-market



When I heard my friends say that they are my friends today, everyone comes and tells me that I want them to have a party today. I went home after collecting the food but I couldn't share it with you because I didn't have the pictures of the food.


After hanging out with my friends, I went out for a walk. Most of the time in Malaysia, I prefer to travel by train because if I travel by train, it takes less money and time, so I like the train the most. MRT is the most popular train in Malaysia because it can reach their destination on time and because there are no drivers on the train. Everything moves. So if we go out on a business, we prefer the train because we can get to work on time and it takes less money and less time, so everyone likes this train.

The picture you can see above is that the ticket counter money first opens the gate as soon as you touch the card here then you can enter inside if you don't have money in your card then you can't enter inside there is a recharge ghost next to it You have to recharge from there


At first I didn't say MRT train but it goes over. Maybe many of you are aware that if the train doesn't go over then maybe it goes under the ground because it doesn't move on the ground

The picture I gave above is that while I was waiting for the train, I liked the surroundings so much that I thought it could be presented to you through photography and you can also benefit from it, but when I was standing here after two to three minutes The train came and stood so I didn't have to wait long. The train arrived at the station according to my schedule and the train left as soon as I took this picture. I presented some more pictures to you.





When the train arrived at the station, everyone was waiting for the train to board, but the rule of the train is that no one will be able to enter until the train gate and station gate are opened together, because the train has an electronic system and it has its own system Is done so no one here can do much on their own need and unnecessarily here it is done automatically here I and all the people around are waiting for it and in a few seconds it will open the gate and we will enter




When I got to my destination, my panties were so deep in the ground that you can't even imagine if I compared you to a building that was about the same size as a five-story building because the destination I went to had a lot more tourists. And for safety the train is very low down so I shared a picture of this elevator with you because the elevator is so big that it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to get up from the bottom because the area I went to is the busiest area so it is very low down. By looking at your script, you can understand how far I am actually going from the bottom to the top





Then I arrive at my destination where everyone has a lot of fun and I will try to show you in my next blog about this place and the surrounding environment because there are so many beautiful tourist places here in Malaysia no matter how many people come here They book their hotel in the place so everything is available in the place. Good-bad everything exists here. Things that are needed can be easily found there.

Hey, most of the money is in restaurants and clubs and food from different countries is available here. My main purpose of going here is to find a lot of Bangladeshi food here which is actually much more enjoyable for me because I have been in Malaysia from the beginning. There is no Bangladeshi food from where you are looking and we have to come here with so much effort because there is no Bangladeshi restaurant but I am sharing with you now the screenshot below in which you can see my location and where I came from.


This is the road from my home to the train station which I took in a private car



And the two screenshots you see above are the location of the train I used to get from my station to my destination.


This is an advertising billboard of Jackie Chan from where I captured him on my camera because he is one of my biggest and favorite actors so I thought I should share his picture with you and he is involved in the advertisement of the company I work for That's why I missed to share with you

This is my blog today, I hope you like it and if you have made any mistakes in my work, please forgive me and if you have any problems with my work, please let me know in my comment box. Then of course I will try to solve the problem in the next block and do a good job because if you do not catch the mistake then how can I understand that I have made a mistake in this work I can understand the details through your comments.

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