POB Word of the Week: Spectrum

The Word of the Week Contest for Causality has concluded!

Who are the winners of the Causality WOTW?!?

Created by @Calumam for this week's WOTW


Causality Winners!

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1ST@diebitchCasualty due to Causality200 POB (Pending)
2ND@captaincrypticProofofbrain Infighting And POB Price Decline: Correlation or Causality?100 POB (Pending)
3RD@samsmith1971Causality - Start with 'Why?'75 POB (Pending)
4TH@melbourneswestCausality- Cause and Effect50 POB
5TH@mineopolyThe third law of POB in motion25 POB

Clearly, the rewards are offset due to @calumam's emergent hiatus. I will be able to support these rewards for the next two contests. Hopefully, Calumam will be back before then to resume the reigns of the WOTW contest.

My intent will be to pay the rewards for both the causality and spectrum contests next week.

Due to his unexpected absence, I decided to unstake some tokens to support the rewards pool. I will be able to pay the awards to the above-listed winners next week. I'm suitable for it.

No one expects problems to occur, but they have. Let's give Calumam a break and continue onward with his next word of the week!


Merit System Results

Grading Criteria

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Calcumam - Word of the Week


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Visit the grading bases for more details!


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Engagement Statistics

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WOTW Overall Activity

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WOTW Causality Activity

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Causality POB Rewards

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Causality Comments vs Responses

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WOTW Team Appreciation

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NameReasonAmount (POB)
@nonsowritesGrading Assistance200 POB (Pending)
@amr008.pobAutomation Maintenance & Development1000 POB (delegation from calumam)


Contest Rules

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Every week, Calumam chooses a word for the contest. His expectation is for community members to share their thoughts on that word during the contest week.

  • There is zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  • You must have the #pob-wotw added to that post.
  • Clearly include the selected word in your article (we are not mind readers)
  • If you post an article including next week's word, you will be disqualified for the current and next week.
  • Repeated use of the #pob-wotw tag results in disqualification.
  • We welcome all forms of content during the WOTW contest.


  • Use the proofofbrain.io front-end.
  • This week's contest starts 31/7/21 @ 00:00 UTC
  • This week's contest ends 08/8/21 @ 00:00 UTC; no new entries are accepted after this time.


The Word for THIS Week

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The word for THIS week is SPECTRUM

The word for NEXT week is paradise.


Do you like contests?

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If you love contests, #proofofbrain has contests just for you! The table below presents a few POB authors, along with examples of their games. Dates may vary for when each new contest occurs, so be sure to follow along to get the most recent updates!

AuthorContest Examples
@calumamWord of the Week
@diebitchHappiness Contest
@wiseagentMaking Noise

Did you miss the current contest? No problem! Just stay in tune with these POB authors and more. There will be more contests that follow!


In Closing

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Would you mind supporting our fellow authors? I look forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. Special thanks to @ashleykalila for the POB dividers.

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