Hive and the Wrath of Gods (WOTW Update)

Even the gods of Olympus rage against the machine of fate. They are in as much control of their destiny as the mortals they pretend to rule. How can sentient beings seek to survive the cold, calculating universe?

They rally and gather like amongst like.
They create communities, societies, and civilizations.
They create for themselves that which they
cannot gain on their own.
Together, they live
Yet fate
will have its due.
No one, not god nor man
can escape their fate without equivalent
consequence to their actions.
These are the lives of life's survivors

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Defining the Hive

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

And so it came to be that like-minded individuals were also not satisfied with the fate handed to them. In their groups, they rallied, created a community, society, and civilization. They centered themselves upon the delegated proof-of-stake system of cryptocurrency a community was born. In its adolescence, we know it as the Hive. Through its development, it comes with its shares of blessings and consequences like any system-celestial or otherwise. Nothing in existence can escape the flaws inherent in fate.

And yet, it persists
like the legends of old.


The Promise of Prometheus

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

In return for his supposed betrayal, the King of the Gods nailed him to a mountain in the Caucasus. He stayed there since time immemorial, where an eagle consumed his immortal liver daily.

Zeus and his brethren created a system for all to follow to achieve stability and stamina for their existence. A system meant to stand the test of time and decay. However, this system came at the cost of the humans Prometheus loved. Despite the challenge and consequences, he achieved his goal.

And suffer he did.
His suffering, fortunately, was not eternal

In many ways, I feel we're similar in our actions to the tragic heroes of old. Someone created this system we find in Hive, and we're all working together to improve it despite the consequences. In the end, the demigod Hercules saved him. Perhaps we can do better and help ourselves in the path we choose to follow, whether through Hive or something else. As a community, a hive-mind, we can avoid catastrophe to achieve all or most that benefit us.


Challenges Before Us

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

It is the challenges that drive us forward. We seek it out sometimes with no hope of success. At the beginning of a challenge, we may fail, but we can reach our imaginary finish line if we continue forward and learn from our mistakes. It takes time and stamina more than anything, as dreams rarely fade.

The Hive promises us something similar to the fire Prometheus offered to humanity. It provides an opportunity for investment, investiture, and income. The price is our finances to a degree, but mostly a commitment to continue using the platform in ever-improving ways.

One such way offered to community members is a challenge by contest. It is not a contest in the arena, I hope, but instead a match of the minds. There's a flavor of a challenge for everyone. At least one competition provides a weekly challenge for users to test their skills against a selected word in the Proof of Brain community.

Welcome again to our Word of the Week contest!


Seeking: WOTW Adventurers!

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@Calumam is the creator of the Word of the Week Contest and this season's final entry.

  • We're in a new season of challenges!
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It doesn't matter if your article is related to finance, STEM, free-writing, images, or anything else. If you can adapt your work towards the Word of the Week and its rules:

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But first, there are some essential guidelines to discuss related to participation in the community and HIVE in general.


Community Behaviors

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Recommendations to avoid disqualification
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New Users

Are you new to Hive, or is this your first time posting to POB? There are some articles that the community recommends for reading:


On the Lookout

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We're looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Until then, and after, have a blessed week.

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Current Entries

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In Closing

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