🥅 My HIVE Goals Progress (4)🥅

It's been about two weeks since the last ​update on my hive goals. One goal I set was to type out my goal progress *two times a month as to help keep me motiviated . To read the past "My Goals" posts click Part 1 / Part 2/Part 3.

My HIVE Progress

My main strategy to gain more HIVE is to sell some of my Splinterlands assests. Over the past week or so I been listing some of my cards for sale. So far I managed to sell some of the lower USD value ones for DEC (Splinterlands in game currency). I have listed one of my GFL cards for $750 USD which is the cheapest available for sale in the Splinterlands Marketplace. GFL are highly sought after but due to their price they don't sell that often. I'll leave it up for a few more days before taken it back down and scanning my collection to see if there's anything else I might want to sell. Eventually I intend on trading a portion of my DEC for HIVE but for now it makes sense to hold DEC due to the Splinterlands Governance token that will start to get airdropped sometime this month. Hold Splinterlands asssets (Cards, DEC, SPT, Booster Packs, ect.) to be included in the airdrop.

SPT To One Million

One of my main focuses has been getting to one million SPT tokens. SPT is the tribe token of Splinterlands. One can earn when using the tag SPT or posting from the Tribe Site Splintertalk.io. To accomplish this goal I have powered up an "extra" 200,000 SPT tokens. I delegated 100,000 of them to an SPT curation account. My SPT curation account @monstercrusher is intended to give support to the SPT tribe and also support the tribe token known as BATTLE. The BATTLE tribe was the first general gaming tribe created on the HIVE network so it makes sense to use both when posting about Splinterlands. My next step is to delegate to the SPT curation account monster-curator but that likely won't be until my next Goals Update.

My POB Progress

Currently I have 100 POB staked and a 100 POB delegation. I reached my goal of 100 POB staked last month and my new goal is to stake an additional 125 POB on the first of next month. I have come up with the plan of increasing the amount of POB I stake each month by 25 POB until I fail to reach my goal. Once I fail I will reasses my holdings and come up with new goals for POB.

My Leo Tribe Progress

Currently I have over 1000 LEO powered up and a little over 500 liquid. Most my leo topics haven't been getting much interaction from those who hold LEO. I did have an one off post or two perform well over the past month but for the most part my content isn't getting noticed on the LEO tribe. In an attempt to adjust this I will be posting less topics to LEO. There's an old saying that goes like this,"Sometimes less is more", I plan on putting that line of thinking to use for creating content on the LEO Tribe. I'll continue to do this until the first of next month and then reasses.

Learning About New Tribes

Two weeks ago I added BroadHive (https://www.broadhive.org/) to the tribes I like to frequent and tags in which I like to use. This week I found a brand new Tribe that has been recently created named Centblog (https://www.centblog.org/). Centblogs goal is for its native token CENT to be worth one usd cent ($0.01). If we take a look at the HIVE-Engine exchange we can see that current day prices (7/5/2021) for cent is $0.01147 USD. I haven't set any goals for CENT or BroadHive yet but for the time being I will keep collecting and powering up their native tokens. I also learned about a new token called PAY. It doesn't have a Tribe (Yet) but it can be earned via using the politics or government tags.


Over-all I'm satisfied with my progress over the past month and I look forward to completing my goals this month. My SPT progress can be better. I believe I have 4500 on the market for sale that isn't included in the below stats (I been trying my hand at increasing my SPT via Trading). I'll be a little more attentive to my SPT goal this month. Stats below do not include my HIVE holdings on Hive-Engine as that amount is constantly fluctuating. Eventually I'll move some HIVE from Hive-Engine to HIVE to power up.

CurrencyLast Update Total StakeCurrent Total Stake

What are your HIVE Network Goals??? What are you doing to accomplish them???? Let me know in the comment section below.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Tournaments are already being played with prizes being offered in which have real monetary value. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here. Read all about the recent airdrop announcement via clicking HERE

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