Finally 76! 🥳🎉

This November, I'm gonna complete my 3rd year in Hive. Before that, I made it 76!

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People say you achieved it too early.

Well, I agree.

What made me achieved this these early?

Posting regularly, literally every single day.

Yes, there were multiple posts a day during my early days. You can see my post count, it's showing 2417; that's huge. Why so? Because I used to hunt (Steemhunt), I used to post on dpoll. And contest entries also. Because of those days, I was trying to make my account visible no matter what the reward was.

And about engagement.

13,590. I guess this is not too low!

Screenshot 2021-07-20 095120.png

But I feel like what I gave to Hive is not even close to what Hive game me. Different communities and people gave me so much more. I'm trying to make myself more worthy so I can give a little back.

I have distributed more than 11,5000 upvotes. Can you believe this? I know the weight of the upvotes was not huge, all those were not manual. But it's a way for me to give back.

I still think I have manipulated the platform a little during my early days by posting sh*t post. That's why from the past year, I'm trying to step back a little and trying to make my journey more meaningful.

So what's next?

I have no specific plan for this year. Some bubble is popping around for the next year. But for now, trying to be more active, dedicated and positively impact.

But you know, offline life can be so complicated. So sometimes I have to step back. But again, I join with my full energy to do and give more.

There's a long way to go, I have to do a lot more.

Finger crossed for the upcoming days.

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