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In the end, I can only surmise that people don't like what they call "making too much sense" because it asks for impeccability with your word and personal accountability.

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Without Stress

Today, after having been in a bad mood all day long trying to find something interesting to read and worth "curating" thru the entire Hive blockchain in vain.

And after have been realizing that the best rewarded posts with amount$ of up to three figures only speak of sheer nonsense and the same nonsense all the time.

As you can imagine. I have spent most of the day refraining from publishing a very acidic, critical and probably very unwelcome post of black humor, very black and dark in fact. In response to this objectionable and undesirable phenomenon which in my opinion would be important to draw attention toward what currently is going on within the ecosystem and try to find corrective measures as soon as possible.

For several hours it was fluttering through my head to publish a post with just a handful of humorous but highly sarcastic memes to illustrate the regretable situation I was watching without it was gonna be too offensive but that under no circumstances the message of the "constructive" criticism was not crystal clear.

Hence, during the day. I decided to take a long walk throughout the internet outside the scope of the ongoing servility and sycophancy seen in the blockchain in my quest to forget a bit my bad mood and with some luck, also find some inspiration to make my daily post of those to make you think about something useful and valuable.

In any case, where else in the entire Hive blockchain were you going to be able to read, consume and digest a post of this straitjacket nature? Only in my blog right? };)

Oh well. The point is that midnight arrived and I could not find anything, not even outside of Hive, that inspired me enough as to make me forget about my anger and discomfort and above all alleviated my bad mood so as not to publish the deserved criticism that was fluttering in my head all day long.

Fortunately, at the end of the day. I found a post from a friend that very well sums up my odyssey today. And it is precisely the one that you will find if you click on the image above. The only image you will find in this post.

On other hand. I did not even think to write all this stuff that you have read so far. In fact, I wasn't even in the mood for it. My intention was just to post the image above with the embedded link and mention that it had been just my creative way to reblog a good post without actually reblogging it.

But as I suspect that anyway you will not find out what this post is about because I know very well about your aversion to clicking on the images. That's why I chose an image whose dialogues are in Spanish. As punishment and to force you to translate it if you really want to understand what this constructive criticism post is all about.

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