Reiner Fuellmich - London Freedom Protest - 24 July 2021

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Reiner Fuellmich Speaks at London Freedom Protest

Reiner Fuellmich is a German-American Human Rights lawyer. You may be familiar with his previous lawsuit against Volkswagon, about the use of humans in an experiment in which they would inhale exhaust from a running Volkswagon car. The exhaust was SAFE and in fact mainly water and oxygen, but that does not change the law, and humans can not be used in such ways for commercial experimentation and advertising. It was a very big lawsuit, and I have confidence that Reiner Fuellmich can handle a legal proceeding as large as the scamdemic.

"45,000 people have died after vaccination within 180 days of vaccination"

"These numbers were kept secret, and false numbers of 11,000 deaths were provided"

"The global NGO's are doing everything in their power, to make sure the registration of adverse reactions with VAERS as difficult as possible"

  • Reiner Fuellmich, German-American Human Rights Lawyer, July 24 2021

Watch Live from the London Freedom Protest:

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