Life in Prison > MRNA Vaccine

Just to make this adamantly clear because some people have worded things to me in a way that would suggest I would consider taking a vaccine with mRNA in it.


  1. Before the 5 years of testing, which is being done on the public, has completed I will not take the vaccine for any reason, whatsoever. (4 years, 6-8 months remaining)

  2. After the 5 year trials are done, i would require a minimum of a $1m dollar bond and insurance against any damages from any side effects, yes unlike you i would want cash money for even a slight pinch when i took the vaccine

  3. I would rather serve life in prison than take the vaccine in any condition without the 1 million dollar bond and insurance against any discomfort whatsoever.

I will be murdering 100% of people who try to vaccinate me and I am okay with going to jail for life in Canada if that means i didnt get the vax.

Just so that is clearly understood, i wouldnt consider debating a non clinical trial vaccine, and 5 years of testing is an emergency level fast test on a vaccine with MRNA imo.