Hints #2 , #3 and #4 to my contest

I decided to give this as a separate post, so it has bigger chance not to be overlooked, of forgotten.

Here is a new hint to my recent geo-location contest, announced here

Hint #2:
This place is in the country, which is in the TOP-10 (in the world) by it's population, and in the world's TOP-15 by it's area size.

This will narrow your search area to 7 (seven) countries.
To help even more, here is one more picture, with more flora, about 110 meters away from the first spot, on the opposite side of the park

Still a very wide area to look, unless you find a more quick and smart method. 🙂

[click to enlarge]

Edit at 06:06 UTC JULY 21:

As I see things are slowing down, interest and hope for success is vanishing fast, here is next hint

Hint #3

3A. Yes indeed, it is in Mexico !
3B. In fact, probably the most important hint is in the original description of this contest. Since the very beginning. Both in my post, and in my initial comment on the @hranhuk 's post. The hint which could lead you to the quickest and the easiest route to 200 POB. I was much afraid the answer will come in less than 1 hour. (I will show you the proof of all that after the competition ends)
3C. Google is your friend !

Hint #4

This is the place:


Can you find the street cross? Or the two names of the streets.

Next hint if requested, after 12 hours


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