Ducks in the river (POB photocontest: WATER)

Today I have noticed a post with some new contest. A POB-photocontest run by @freendlymoose, described a few days ago

Then recovered that I made some pics during my walk on the banks of river Neris.
I checked the mem card, and found one, which has "water" in it. So here it is, let it hit this contest.


[click for full size]


Camera : Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
Lens: 100-400 mm LEICA DG Vario
Exposure time: 1/640, Aperture priority
F-Number : 7.1
ISO speed : 1250
Date taken : 2021:09:01 18:36

Those ducks were maybe 150 meters away, but this distance was still OK for my new 100-400mm Panasonic Leica DG
On a MFT sensor it works like 800mm gun (compared to a full-frame body)
The shot was done almost directly towards bright September sun, at full zoom, and handheld. (Who wants always to carry a tripod?)


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