Stairway to... "nowhere"

I got very exited and hooked by the recent geo challenge by @hranhuk.
Unfortunately, @melbourneswest solved it even quicker than I could start my search.
So I want to support this idea, and put out some more challenges of this type from my side.
To give the duties and my respect to the author of original idea, I will pay 10% of each paid-out prize of my contests to @hranhuk.

Here is an easy one (as I think). Worth 20 POB.
I named it

Stairway to... "nowhere"

(click for full size)

Rules are in general the same as in the original post.
To win, you must be first to post the view from this spot in an opposite direction ( ~180 degrees).
Spoilers (tips) will be available after 24h, only under request, but each will cut the prize in half.

Good luck.


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