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Today, the mass of social media and the internet is quite wide. Because the internet and social media statistics created by We are social and Hootsuit every year reveal how much this effect has developed. The 'Digital 2019 in Turkey' section of the prepared report includes statistics about our country. Here are some of these statistics:

· In Turkey, 80% of the population, that is, 60 million people, use the internet.

· In Turkey, 65% of the population, that is, 55 million people, actively use social media.

· Again, 55% of the population is mobile social media users, which corresponds to approximately 45 million people.

When we consider these statistics, we see that a substantial audience uses social media. Again in the same researches, the most used social media platform in Turkey is Youtube and 93% of internet users use it. Instagram comes second in social media platforms. It is followed by Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Instagram has surpassed Facebook with the leaps it has made this year.



Today, Instagram is not only a photo sharing application, but also the most important marketing, advertising and sales site. In addition, 30% of the young Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 24, and 28% are between the ages of 24 and 34. As such, the idea of ​​making money from Instagram comes to mind. Because Instagram is a social media platform with serious potential to make money. It is the best way to make money with the number of Greek users and its popularity.

Instagram is an application where it is easier to make money than other social media platforms. Thanks to the innovations it brought and the intense interest of the users, this site, which was only used to share photos when it first launched, has almost opened a big e-commerce door. Making money from Instagram can be very easy for some, but for some it is a long and difficult process. Instagram has many ways to appeal to its millions of users and earn money. You can find the one that suits you best and get started.

· Companies that try to reach your followers can generate income by sharing their sponsored posts.

· Helps to sell their products by making partnership agreements with other companies. In this way, they gain from the partnership with them.

· You can also sell your own product or service. You can also do this as an e-commerce environment.

· You can share the photos and videos you have taken and sell them.

You can be among those who make money from Instagram in many more ways like this.

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