This weeks gold & silver buys


So it has been a busy week with regards to buying but here is the best stuff i got this week so far.


I will start with probably the best buy being the pandora necklace as it has 2 14ct gold charms on it and 2 silver charms but i know the gold ones go for a small fortune compared to the gold price and looking on ebay they range from £100 to £160 a charm for these particular gold ones, the silver ones usually sell for around £10 each.


The next best buy was a 9ct white gold ring with what appears to be tourmaline, it is pretty but in the North of England yellow gold is preferred but should be an easy sell at around £45.


I got another two 9ct rings which are nothing special as they have a dated design probably fitting the 1990s more but these still do sell at around £40 each.


This little 9ct locket is a perfect present for a birthday or xmas and should soon find a new home at around £35.


This is probably my favourite buy even though it is only silver i love the Egyptian cartouche pendant as it reminds me of Stargate, i may make this into a gold pendant at some point in the future, when i do sell this it will be around £8 which should be tempting.

All prices are just estimates at the moment and i will finalise them in the next day or two when i am at work.