We all are either victims of our upbringing or beneficiaries of same.

In a nutshell we are all products of our upbringing.

I have seen people struggling to do what I do with ease. I have also seen myself fighting to adapt to what could be said to be a piece of cake to others.

Humans are social beings and as such, they are products of influence.

Influence primarily comes from our immediate environment. It is stronger in kids who are still in their formation stage, say 0-10years of age. At that stage they are vulnerable to whatever is thrown at them.

They barely possess the will power to resist what their senses are exposed to.

Whatever they are exposed to at that stage, would definitely form and mould their behavioural pattern.

That's why you can almost trace someone's behaviour to where the person is from and under what condition the person was bred.

A child in his or her formation stage can learn any language he/she is expose to unconsciously.

Environmental influence is majorly responsible for our accents, our first language, our sense of judgement; amongst others.

Some of our positive traits can be traced down to our upbringing, so is our negative traits.

I don't have tell you stories of psychological disorders emanating from childhood abuse, or stories of mental strengths from the same source. I know that you have heard many of such stories. It all boils down to the side of the coin that was persistently tossed to a child.

We have unconsciously been acting like channels of whatever we received.

Some of us have been transmitting hates infused into us from childhood.

Others have been transmitting love embedded in them as a result of the sane atmosphere they were raised.

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The story shouldn't end there.

There's something magical about
humans. It is that ability to re-invent or re-birth one's self. You can bring yourself up again. And you have to.



I remember sharing a post on the now defunct Uptrennd, along the line of self development and @kemmyb commented on it with a Yoruba adage that can be roughly interpreted as;

when a child is grown he/she needs to birth himself or herself again

That implies that we can forge ourselves into our desired shape. Our minds and brains is that flexible, save for sheer refusal, it can shaped and reshaped. We can unlearn and relearn.

We can transform ourselves. I have a first hand experience on this. In some aspect of life, I am directly opposite of what I used to be.

Don't settle for traits that is not helpful to you.

That you were brought up in a negative clime might be a good excuse for you to continue that way, but it wouldn't avert you of the possible negative consequence.

Let's say you grew up in an environment were people only know how to communicate by throwing tantrums on a person with a viewpoint different theirs. They are intolerable to a different point of view. To this sects, if you don't agree with them, then you must be an imbecile.
Let's say you're now grown and you've been engrafted into the civil society but you're yet to rid yourself of such an uncivil mannerism.

Whilst it's true that it can be blamed on your upbringing, it would definitely not change the fact that you are gonna lack the ability of building a renounce empire across the board, since such requires diplomacy, tolerance, and building of bridges with people of diverse orientation. Something you so much lack.

Adulthood is spelt responsibility. Many things might be factors but you're solely responsible for your actions, and you'll directly be rewarded for it, though others might be affected.

We all have that thing that is not helping our course. It shouldn't be excused.

We all can begin a transformative journey and we should.

The truth is, it is not going to be a cakewalk but it will definitely worth the troubles.

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