Going through my Facebook feeds is what I often do. I guess it's because my Facebook timeline, just like all my social media handles are intentionally structured to suit my interest.

Mine is not just social media handles but a coven of thinkers, a nest of intellectuals, a coterie of sound preachers, a clique of good speakers, a circle of quality writers and a community of some of the finest content creators. I simply go after like minded fellows and I also fasten myself to congenial communities.

  • It is one of my ways of ensuring hat my mind is constantly sharpened and nourished.

  • It is my understanding of what it means to create the right environment.

  • It is my idea of setting the right atmosphere.

  • It is how I allow the right vibes.

  • It is what it means to me to stay with the right motivation and inspiration.

  • It is my knowledge of staying under and within the right.

I have long known that the easiest way to develop a habit is to stay in an environment where such habit is being perpetually portrayed.

I can't even start narrating how many times I have found myself picking up qualities I used to either adulate or abominate in other people, just by being around them.

One beautiful thing about influence is that you can learn so many things without putting in much effort. Sometimes you wouldn't even realize it, but if you're observant like I am, you'll only notice after a period of time that your way of doing a particular thing is similar to that of somebody you've been with.

This deliberate act of structuring my social media handles, ensures that I hardly go through the twenty four hours of the day without stumbling upon an article of interest.

One of those days, while I was mindlessly going through my Facebook feeds, I stumbled upon a screenshot posted by a friend.

It was a message by a woman who have obviously lost a young daughter. She was consoling others bereaved of children like herself. She wanted them to know that the pains would not always be that sore. She told them that time will reduce the pain, even when it may not completely eradicate it. She was simply saying that they will get better with time.

Her words though touching, wasn't the high point of the post for me, it was rather the number of persons, both males and females who came out to narrate their distressing experiences in the comment box. I might've seen testimonies of nothing less than 50 young and beautiful persons who confessed to have lost a child or a near kin.

I was gobsmacked to know that in just my little community, a lot of people were nursing such sore wounds. It then occurred to me that it's possible that a good number of persons we meet and interact with on daily basis, are likely going through some real difficult times.

That went ahead to cement an assertion I earlier had, which is the fact that it pays to be nice to everyone we come across.

A little gesture of caringness, a little soft and well spoken word, can help to alleviate people of the cargo of unrest they helplessly carry about on their shoulder.

Don't form the habits of using harsh and rash words on everyone you come across. You'd likely be adding salt a person's fresh injury.

Spice up your words, speak only that which can bring positivity and hope to your hearers.

Start With the very next person you'll meet after reading this__.