Greedy Yellow Bird Contest (Round Three)

Get 120 in POB delegations!


Snoopy and Woodstock


Let's rock this contest!!

  1. Make a comment and add a number in order of the comment's appearance.
  2. Wait for at least two valid comments before making a second comment.

There will be five winners:

comment #11 wins -> 10 POB delegation
comment #21 wins -> 20 POB delegation
comment #31 wins -> 30 POB delegation
comment #41 wins -> 40 POB delegation
comment #51 wins -> 50 POB delegation
The game ends at comment #51
delegations are good for one year

What is a valid comment?

  • A valid comment is a comment added to the main post. Comments on comments are welcome, but are not counted as valid or given a number.
  • A valid comment has some number included in the body of the comment. Even if that number is not the correct number.
  • A valid comment is not an automated or notorious spam comment.
  • A second comment is not valid unless two valid comments from other users come first.
  • A comment from one user operating alternating accounts is not valid.

How to check numbers:


  • Make sure you count only the valid comments on the main post. Write a number on your comment.

  • Wait for at least two more valid comments to pass and then you can make another comment on the main post.

  • Do your best to number your comment. I will not tell you if your number is right or wrong until the contest is over. Some people might miscount. That doesn't make their comment invalid. It's up to you to do your best.

  • I will check the numbers when the contest gets to #51. Then you will find your prizes. Some will win monster giphys to help them with their math. Others will win POB delegations.


Let's call some friends to participate. Feel free to shout out more friends in the comments. Here are some for starters: @sofs-su @vikbuddy @malopie @funshee @knowledge23.pob @trostparadox.pob @sugandhaseth @chincoculbert @edystringz @vcclothing @finguru @newman42 @aiuna @curatorcat.pal @blezyn @rapha-el7 @tfranzini @moon-city @da-prince @d-pend

If you prefer your username not to be included in this call out please notify me.


Let the game begin!!

It's up to you now.

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2 columns
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