Can we get rid of Hive?

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Welcome to the Hive

From the outside it is a simple structure, but inside there is an intricate multiplex of layer upon layer with the sole purpose of protecting the Hive. The bottom layer of the Hive is the support structure called the stand making the base of the Hive. Above the stand is the bottom board and then the Hive body. Above the Hive body there is a room for a queen, if there is a queen. Then there is the honey room, the inner cover and the Hive cover. For a bee colony the Hive is the sacred tabernacle.

The bee's Hive is a wonderful creation and I could not destroy it, but for demonstration purposes let's try a wasp's nest. For some time these wasps have been busy using their own saliva to build a multilayered kingdom outside my guest bedroom window. I didn't notice at first but when my dad came to visit from America he stayed in the guest bedroom.

I asked him if there were any problems with the room. I knew that sometimes mosquitoes came in the room so I expected him to complain about the mosquitoes. He said that the mosquitoes were not a problem but that I should come and check this out. He then showed me the wasp metropolis that those tenacious little guys had been building.

OK, They are not so little.



Up in Flames

We had to do something about this wasp's nest right outside my dad's window. We called the city and they said it was against the building code to keep the wasp's nest there. I thought this was pretty funny but they said there was a strict code forbidding the additional attachments to the building whether natural or manmade.

The city called the fire officials to come and remove the wasp nest from our building. In Korea most of the public workers are very kind and polite. This fire fighter was no exception. He took off his shoes when he entered the room as a sign of respect for our living space. Then he opened the window with his leg dangling down and took out a can of bug spray.

I didn't get how he was going to get rid of a whole nest of wasps with just a can of bug spray. Then he took out his butane micro torch, don't leave home without one. He took out his torch and the bug spray and went to work. This was a little too risky for me, but the city sent him and I really couldn't say much except take a couple pictures and watch the nest go up in flames.




After that the firefighter scraped the rest of the nest off and suggested I go to the back yard and clean up the remaining parts of the nest. I went down to the back yard and found some parts of the burnt nest and picked them up. Next to the nest were fallen wasps. They were dizzy from the smoke but a lot of them were starting to wake up. They weren't real happy to see me sweeping the pieces of their nest away.

The wasps swarmed around my head and bit me anywhere they could find flesh. Luckily I'm not allergic to wasps and I made a run for it. I would have to pick up the pieces of their nest later. At that moment I realized something. A wasp can survive even if its nest is completely destroyed. The colony will continue. And that's what they did.

They reformed and started to build a nest inside the air-conditioner exhaust unit. This second nest was a lot more difficult to find because it was hidden in a place we could not see from the outside. The nest continued. Those wasps swarmed on me whenever I went out. There was no way I could get rid of these tenacious wasps.



A Hive of Communities

A beehive is also like this. A bee hive is just a cover for what is really inside, a colony of bees. You can smash it, you can burn it, you can break it into a million pieces but the colony inside will just get stronger. Hive is similar to other crypto in that it is held together block by block through code, but inside the hive we find a colony. We find thinkers and creators, tinkerers and idealists, clowns and commentators, friends and some people we may take some time to figure out, but they are alive like a colony of bees.

These colonies are made up of communities. There is one making a pizza and another making a story about two pizzas. There is one looking for dark crystals and there is another waiting for it to rain in Splinterlands. There is one stacking his fridge with beer and another shouting how great it is to be alive. There is a hungry lion the king of the finance jungle. There is one with the brains and another just buzzing around. There are hundreds of tribes and even a metaverse. And yes, your bro who is just watching everything that happens.

Hive is the central gathering and infrastructure for all the tribes. The units within the Hive cannot survive without the Hive but if anything happens to the Hive they will unite and protect it.

So back to our basic question:

Can we get rid of Hive?

The answer is "no" not really.
We can destroy the shell and break it into pieces but the Hive survives because of the bonds of the communities. The communities cannot survive without the Hive and the Hive cannot survive without the community, but when it comes down to it the Hive is really just infrastructure.

What is built inside determines the true value. This hive will stand strong but if for some reason it doesn't you should know that no one can burn us and no one can break us.

We are alive!

You know by now that I ain't let you get away this easy. I'm packing some serious Hollywood propaganda and I'm gonna drop it right here. Youtube already blocked one version of this video and this one will be next. Listen before it is banned.


This is the phrase Hive needs to catch:

Let's make our own movies like Spike Lee.

Fight the power

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