My First POB Power Up - Not Much But Bigger Plans Ahead

Happy POB Power Up Day To You All

My First POB Power Up.png

I saw the post about every 2nd being power up day for POB and I liked the idea behind it, it's nice to acknowledge those supporting the community even if it's in a very little way and I thought I want to be part of it from the start.

I've been kind of too busy offline or maybe not inspired to write anything or have time for Hive for some time now but I'm breaking myself from that yoke, I want to build my account faster so here I am trying to start what I love doing best especially in this great community.

Powering up alone won't grow your account but curating posts and engaging more will not only grow your account but you would find your niche in this vast platform. It's a new month and I want this month to end with me having achieved so many and be more grateful and ready for the next month.

I don't know how I missed last month's power up day but I decided to be part of the 2nd POB Power Up day and that is today. Sad thing is that I did a power up some days ago so I don't have much to power up today but that didn't stop me from powering up.

Here is my power up and a step by step process on how to power up. I had 121 POB powered up and I powered up additional 17 to make it 138 POB.






My first power up is not much but I do have bigger plans on my mind and I don't plan to relent, I'm setting a target in my mind to power up more POB by next month Power Up Day because it's one of the ways I can support this community.

Have you done your power up? If no, don't miss out on this opportunity. There are prizes pool that would interest you so do well to join before the end of the day. Check @felipejoys post Here for the rules and be part of it.

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