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Hello Hivers
Hope your day was great, my night has started as it's 8pm here already. It's a bit cold or maybe I'm just the one feeling cold, I haven't been too well for sometime now but I'm stronger. Well, my Tuesday didn't really go as planned but at least it wasn't all that bad.


I got a call from a close friend who told me he had an accident yesterday but he didn't sustain much injuries, maybe he said that so I couldn't panic but I still did. I hurried off from bed, washed up and set out to visit him at his place as he refused to go to the hospital. I met him in so much pain but he was trying to bear it all in saying I shouldn't worry about him but how could I not? He is one who has helped me in so many ways since I started school and I only wish all my friends good health.

And guess what! Today is his birthday, can you imagine how his birthday would look like already? He was feeling so much pain on his birthday. His best friend came around, prepared a delicious meal for his birthday as a little something from him and he ate well then took his medications. He wasn't feeling much pain when I left him but I will still call before going to bed to know how he's doing.

Getting home from his place, I wasn't feeling well so I tried to rest for a while. And that was after I made a post and did some engagements on some authors posts on Hive which was fun for me. Then I slept for about three hours, too long for my rest but I didn't wake up feeling any better so I had to take some medications and as I am writing this, I feel a lot better than I was this morning.

What I would want to share with you from my day's experience is that:

  • Don't let bad situations stop you from being strong enough to do something you love doing. Because doing what you love doing will also help rejuvenate your health and you will feel much better from the joy in doing such.
    Writing always have a way of making me feel happy and amazing so I enjoy doing it a lot.
  • Friends who are always there even in time of your pain are friends indeed, keep them close and never leave them in their own time of pain.

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