Don't Wait To Fall Sick - Your Health Is More Important For That Dream

We've heard in some cases or in movies, we hear things like
"If you had taken action for your illness earlier, you would have been cured of it by now" or "You would have taken medication at the slightest symptom then things would have been easier now".


Those are words are what we hear when one neglects his or her health because of so many activities or the "I don't care attitude" so bad but it's happening. People are becoming more concerned about how to make money, make a difference, make the first innovation or make a better life for themselves that they forget to take good care of their health. Our health is the most important asset we need to achieve what ever our dreams are.

I'm not counting myself out of this, I may even be the most guilty of this but we have to work on it and be more conscious our health. A post I read yesterday inspired this write up.

Work On Making A Life written by @evegrace

She said something:

Many are so engrossed and focused on making a living for survival and working really hard to make a lot of money that we forget that we've got a life of our own and allow our work to take over our lives, take over the space of our families and our sense of self.

Making a life is taking care of your health, doing things that would keep your sanity and grow healthier. This will not only be good for you but it would also be good for your family and friends who care for you. Allowing your health to get to a bad state before acting on it will do no good.

My sister have been having a beam - like thing in her eyes for years now and nothing has been done for it until a last week when she complained of some itching which was very unusual. She went for check up and the doctor was like "You would have done this check up when you noticed something in your eyes. Now it's going to take a longer time to heal thanks to your negligence".

Also a story from @evegrace post gave a perfect example of neglecting one's health.

Debbie's father was so busy with work that he forgot he's got a family and did not even realize when he developed cancer of the bone, he died few days to the day he was supposed to be promoted to his next office. After his burial, a new salesman was employed to fill his position, nobody in his office remembered him for his hard work after that, the space was filled that not even one person felt his absence, it never looked like he even came around the company but his demise left a big hole in his family's heart

If the man had known better to take care of his health in the early stage, things wouldn't have ended in that way for him. His family ended up being the ones taking all the pains, so sad.

Not proud to say this but one reason I don't mind my health sometimes is because I'm scared of what the doctor or physician might say is the cause or the weight of the illness I have. I don't want to hear bad news but that's not a good enough reason to wait until I fall sick and make things worse.

I can remember some time ago when I was told I had ulcer, I was so scared at first until I was educated on better ways to manage it and still live healthy. It's just so better to know what's wrong with your health so you can handle it early enough.

Acting too fast on every symptom can also be dangerous especially without a doctor's prescription. I can still remember my dad getting himself drugs for any symptoms he felt without any prescription, it was not so good for him.

Also a woman noticed lice on her daughter's hair and she poured sniper (A very strong chemical used for killing big insects). I don't know who gave her such instructions but she ended up spending so much at the hospital because the chemical was too strong for the child's brain.

In essence, this is what I'm saying and I'm taking it from @evegrace post

Have fun, rest, take a break, go on vacation, spend time with your family and friends as much as it is good to make a living, it is best to make a life.

Those are healthy things to do while you keep a close check on your health to avoid illness that would take away your making a living.

  • Take your health serious by eating well also
  • Don't act too fast and don't delay in getting yourself healthy
  • Never hold back to know what may be wrong about your health.

Don't Wait To Fall Sick Because You Need Good Health To Achieve Your Dream.

This isn't a contest post, just a post inspired from what I read.

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