An Adventure In My Stress - It Was A Better Adventure For Me

In my last post about my late night journey, I promised to share something I observed and learned during my journey. You can read the last post Here


You could call it a lesson or just a real adventure on my side. I came across different people inside and outside the train. I couldn't help to notice them even in my stress, maybe that was the only way for me to go through with the journey and it worked. I found myself busy watching people and how they do things.

The Full Family Passengers

I noticed a family with five kids standing with the mum trying to make her kids comfortable in the uncomfortable place and the dad made sure no other passengers was inconveniencing his kids while passing by.

The impatient Passengers

I saw some men who got angry for anything because they were standing, you could hear their anger from their voices. They couldn't stand in one place, walking around and trying to inconvenience others standing and it was kinda annoying but I just bear with them and kept watching how they went silent when no one answered them.

The Fun Passengers

I talked about these people in my last post. Maybe it's because I love to listen to jokes and laugh a lot, I felt like I was lucky to be standing close to these people. They made it easy to remain standing while we laugh at every joke they said. I remember one of them teasing a passenger for bringing a heavy load including her bed into the train, it was so funny.

Getting off the train, I saw so many people waiting for the arrival of the train.


I heard a man saying "Where is my wife?" in a worried voice. I also saw a few couples reuniting happily after waiting for that long. I was kinda jealous and wished I had some one waiting for me at the train station to go home together. Well, it's not that it wasn't possible but that day wasn't a day for such.

Hawkers And Vehicle Owners

These people made so much noise trying to get attention from those getting from the train. I got into one of the vehicles with some other persons even though the cost of the movement was kinda unfair but it was understandable.


It was 9:30pm when we got off the train, I saw some kids begging for alms at that time and I was like. Even some adults got stranded and were begging for money to continue their journey. The place was so busy that they were ignored but I noticed one got a free ride from a vehicle owner to his destination.

On my way home, I also met some people I couldn't ignore.

  • A rude driver trying to go home since it was late
  • A businesswoman worrying about her children alone at home
  • Tired Policemen trying to secure a road
  • A family man still finding money to take home.

It was an adventurous journey for me in the end, I never knew I could watch people like that but it happened that the stress made me took notice of them and I found it amusing sometimes then sad sometimes. But in all, I enjoyed my journey and it was successful for me.

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