A Night Journey - An Experience To Remember

Experience is the best teacher, they say and I couldn't agree more after my experience yesterday on a train journey back home from school. Different experiences comes in when we decide to go through it, some journeys have their ways of teaching one so many things along the way if one would take notes of them.

The excitement before the journey's stress

At first, journeys bring about so much excitement to the traveler and the thought of having any difficulty on the way goes away from the mind of that traveler.

I felt this way yesterday and I remembered that I was only thinking of the fun ride, the joy of seeing my mum and others once again and the safe journey trip.

My friend and I decided to travel back home together using the train and we went to the train station early so we couldn't miss it. The train was supposed to arrive few minutes after our arrival but it took an extra two hours before it finally arrived. We heard that it had an issue along the way so the delay.


Out of the excitement about my journey, I didn't sit to wait for the train since I would be sitting through out the journey back home. An hour of waiting for the train, I was still all excited and waiting patiently for the train to arrive even when it had delayed more than normal.


I even had to ask my friend to take pictures of me so I could have some souvenirs for the late journey we were about to embark on. Yea, it was 6:47pm when the train arrived and my destination was about 4 hours which means I got home by 10pm (very late).

When the train arrived, we got in with the mind of finding a seat to rest off for the rest of the journey but we couldn't even get a good place to stand comfortably (I don't know how one can stand comfortably for extra three to four hours after standing for about two hours waiting for the train) but I wanted that at the very least which I still couldn't get.

We were lucky enough (if I should say that) to stand at a place where there were funny guys who made my standing not too stressful for me by making crazy jokes which brought my already gone excitement back. I felt a bit sad when they got off the train, and even more sad when my friend got off. It was just me waiting for my last stop.

Getting down from the train wasn't the end of my journey but I won't be sharing that on this post. I learnt some things I haven't thought of before and I got home safely and grateful to have learnt those lessons. I would love to share them soon, I hope you are able to read and learn from it also.

All images were taken from my phone

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