POB Proposal : POB Photography 🧠📷

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A few days ago, there was a Twitter user and also some people on discord who gave me an idea to create a POB Photography community or #POB-photography tag on the POB platform. Then I tried to imagine this idea, and my brain actually told me that this is a great idea to bring a quality post about photography on the POB platform. And I will also try to think about the idea of making a contest in the POB Photography community.

I'm sure many curators at POB also like posts about photography. For example, @onealfa who also likes photography. But he never told me that he liked posts about Photography, I'm just guessing...lol...so I'm trying to make this proposal on POB to see how the community responds to this idea.

Yeah, although at first I didn't want to make this proposal. What is the reason I don't want to make this proposal? Yeah, because I don't have much ammo to give curation. But after a few days, I tried to get up the courage to write this proposal. Because I think if the community likes this idea, then @proofofbrainio will also help to provide curation. Or he will help follow my curation trail, so I can give curation at the POB Photography community.

So I see every community in hive has rules. For example, the rules in the "writing community" like this : They will give upvotes for posts that make posts about words of wisdom and motivation. And they will give downvotes if there are authors who do plagiarism. Nah! As well as in the POB photography community which also has rules, and I have been thinking about the rules in POB photography which I will write about below.

Rules for getting upvotes in POB photography

  • You must post your own photo, this is the most important.
  • Minimum writing words on your post is 300 words to get upvotes. I made this rule, so as not to abuse voting power because it gives upvotes for posts that only write a few words.
  • I will give upvote for every account that makes a quality post about photography once a week. I made this rule, so as not to abuse voting power because it gives upvotes for the same account every day.
  • I will check carefully each of their posts on POB photography before I give upvote.

Rules for getting downvotes on POB photography

  • For downvote rules as in general, they will get a downvote if they post pictures on Google or take other people's pictures.
  • If I find the account of someone who posted an image on Google or someone else's image. I will bring their post link to discord, to ask the curator to downvote the post.

BTW, can the rules above be changed later? Yeah sure, if indeed the rules will be better for POB photography and POB platforms.

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I had written this proposal a few days ago, but I just ventured to publish this proposal now. And I'm not sure if the community likes this proposal, but I'd like to see what the community has to say about this proposal. So don't hesitate to give your comments about this proposal. Btw I've never written a proposal before, and I don't know what I'm writing is also a proposal. xD

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