Hive is a gateway drug


Oh man Hive, what a rush. Waiting for that 7 day payout period to arrive, scratching away at your skin hoping the market doesn't tank or rise too much so it doesn't impact your payout. Constantly scouring content curating hoping not to dip below 90% but always failing to maintain above it..

Do I downvote? Will I receive one back? Will it cost me my hit of Hive, I need this $#!+ to live. This internet money is addictive, I didn't make enough this month so I'm going to drop in another $50. Yeah that looks good, just a little more.... did that guy vote for me? I voted for him like 10 times already. OMG look at these Whales! I want to be a whale, if I post 99999999 in 120 years time I'll be that big. Fark it I'll buy more, damn now I have no money for food.


0h I just got a whale upvote that felt good, I need it again, again, just one more time and then another time. Oh look a new community I better Ape in. Crap I've used all my Hive, better buy more. Oh it's OK just another $10 won't hurt. Crap! Community token is dipping, it's just a dip better buy more. Damn losing more cash ah well throw more cash at it. Look! Decentralised finance I'm going all in this is it, this is the big one this will make me rich, damn just lost the lot a pump and dump. Where to next?

What! Divs I better Ape in more more $10 for a 1c return but this is great, fantastic. I need more better get more Oh wait I didn't post I need to post. Hi mate how are you?


Damn down to my last Hive hit better head over to all the discord groups, hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi no response. Oh look his a great article copy paste. What Hive watchers are crap! Why you steal my cash? It's mine! All mine! It's the whales fault look how much they earn. What they invested real cash and believed in the platform?

I need more, one day pump oh look a pump quick quick quick buy more, oh man my upvote only increased by 0.0000001c I need more. Hey man upvote my shit.

Is Hive like crack for some people?

It's quite interesting really, I have been watching a few people run around the block chain like headless chooks. As if trying to score free internet money and produce nothing. I find it even funnier that people complain when they get caught out for being plagiarists which is one of the holy grails of Hive. Don't steal someone else's crap.

What about discord! Hahaha OK I have to admit I do this sometimes too, but I do intend on having a conversation and sometimes there just isn't anything going on or no one responds. You'll usually find me clogging up the chat in the Man Cave it's one of the most diverse and active chats.

It is a mishmash of insanity that hosts politicians, extreme right, pro Vax, anti Vax, misogynistic non misogynistic I don't really know how to explain it other than it is like the real world.


My experience of Hive has been great, I've been around for abit and what I originally came for didn't really work out but I've stayed for the lols and to practice my writing. I also like learning and sharing stories which I've found Hive is a great platform for.

Some people operate stunning blogs and have full control over their formatting and styles. I'm pretty basic when it comes to this kind of thing and used to the mainstream media style, just type with pretty pictures.

Hive is a broad church with plenty of things to see and do, there's always new people jumping in and out which is great and its even better when they stick around. I've made friends, I've made not friends but most of all it's been a wonderful asset to get me through the longest lockdown on the globe in Melbourne, Australia.

If you've just joined us, welcome and say hello in the comments section below.

Images sourced Canva Pro Subscription where I've edited them also.

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