July — The Month I Experienced Travails and Dispiritedness


During my birthday (which fell on the month of July), someone wanted to scam me. This started from FACEBOOK. This person asked for my number which I gave him without a second thought, thinking he is a writer likewise. Some minutes after, I received his call, asking me to send him my other numbers with my account details, so he could gift me some money — as a birthday gift. Who does that? Someone (a naija guy) I barely know on Facebook. As a Nigerian guy, I wanted to curse him, but I had to tell him (in a gentle manner) that, “Oga, you no fit scam me...,” and he immediately hung up. I was scammed during my NYSC period, losing close to #50 000 (121.49 Dollars currently) in a day, because the bank made mess out of me then — so sad! It would have been disastrous if I fell into that kind of trap...

The third day after, I started battling with Malaria and Typhoid for almost a week. I was on medication for some days which made my spirit down and lost my appetite for food. I didn't function so well on daily basis; and I didn't observe the daily routines — I was missing out as well, consequently, the illness sparkled up into depression.

I could bearly walk on the road for about fifteen minutes without feeling the uneasiness and some sharp pain in the head. Despite all, I still tried to manage myself to do the normal routine. So I had to get a Pharmacist who could prescribe some medicines to combat the illness.

Sincerely speaking, I can't really remember when last I got treated of — Malaria and Typhoid. Fortunately for me, I went to a Pharmacy Shop nearby. It was a female Pharmacist that attended to me. I explained to her about my condition which has deteriorated, she suggested me taking treatments — injections, precisely, which would surely cure my sickness very fast. I was reassured that it's the best effective means of getting out of the illness. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the treatment which was up to #15, 000 (15000 Nigerian Naira to US Dollar is 36.45 USD with exchange rate 0.0024 for today), but yet, I couldn't joke with my health state, so I asked if drugs could make the sickness alleviated, since that's only thing I could afford then. The reply was “Yes”. But it's quite unfortunate that the lady (the Pharmacist), only prescribed drugs that only treats Typhoid but not Malaria. It shows that not all Pharmacists are knowledgeable in that aspect, some are entering into such field with ‘a-bit-of-knowledge’ in order to earn Money into their pockets, and yet endangering the lives of the Patient... The mistake I made that day was that I didn't really look into those medicineswell, especially the tablets. It was the second day I realised this. I had to get down the street to get the real Malaria Drug myself.

Here are the drugs I used below :




And this is the real Malaria Drug I got myself which helped in alleviating the illness so far:





It's really wonderful to breathe well again after the terrible illness and others — I'm really grateful! I'm finally back to my feet now, but I still need to get some quality sleep this time, because I realised that this sickness was as a result of ‘stress-es’ and all.


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