Ever met an Austistic Human?

I wasn't a fan of Indian movies, I practically hated to be in an environment where it's being watched. Even at school, at the mention of any Indian series, I'd feel like murdering the person so to avoid any uncalled dispute, I'd just take my leave. It wasn't in any way an intentional hate per se, I didn't really hate Indians, no! It's just that I hate seeing things being over hyped, it probably ends up being shit, which in must cases, it was, lol, but then, there are still some things I ended up benefiting, so having had to watch a lil of it, it wasn't quite a waste of time.



Mental illness are of different names, in quite the numbers, I may as well have one but nah, I really don't wanna know because the moment I get to know, the society gets to know, then it'd be welcome to the real judgemental and discriminative world. People tend to rubbish others just because the have a lil mental issue, it's said to watch, because these set of humans need the most attention.

Antara was one of my first Indian series to have watched. It tells a story of a little child that suffered autism and had to grow through the society that hated her for her nature. It was quite difficult for her and her parents. Antara was autistic and this didn't quite go well as though the society termed it madness, and who wanted to stay around a mad person? No one right? This made Antara lose a lot of association that she should have gotten as a beautiful young girl.

Despite her mental illness, Antara was actually super brilliant, but no body really cares you know. If you're smart then you shouldn't also be a psycho, you'll definitely find no home to call your own, sadly…

I had to learn about this mental illness from the Indian Series "Antara" and though everyone saw it as some kinda curse, in Antara case it felt more like a blessing. Though she had difficulties in associating with people, she repeats what others say, doesn't respond to anyone quickly nor actually act like she's got any emotions towards anyone ( which are actually symptoms of autism), She was still very gifted, she could create art masterpiece in her young age, she could do calculations really fast, faster than a calculator, and all these added to her beauty.

They are certain situations we'll find ourselves on earth, everyone will hate us, for something we really didn't choose for ourselves. I mean no one chose to be mentally ill, it just happens, no one chose to be black, it just happened, no one chose to be white, it just happened. There are a lot of things that one can be, unintentionally and everyone will show them nothing but hate. In terms of health, these days people don't even care about your health, if you like be at the edge of dying, no body really gives two fucks sorry to say. A mentally unstable person needs the most attention, but in this recent world, it's quite the opposite or worst!

So what's your story? Ever met an Austistic Human?