The Extra-Normals: Eliminate Akita?

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Oh no! I could barely breathe. I may be having a panic attack because history was set to repeat itself again. Antipa, a member of our clan with the same rare mind control ability like Akita, was eliminated by the council centuries ago because he went on a killing spree. The same fate was agreed upon by the council - ELIMINATE AKITA? No!

My brain kept repeating the testimony of one of the handlers who investigated the crime scene.

After a thorough and clinical examination of the body of the deceased victim, I discovered traces of dopamine and endorphins among other chemicals in his blood. Further testing proved that high dosage of the chemicals were secreted through mental control which created a feeling of uncontrollable euphoria.

Victim was in this state when he violated his daughters to the point of death and tore out a chunk of his own neck. Tearing had commenced when the dopamine was forcefully shut down via mental power. Victim was in a state of agony that transcended the level of serotonin in him. Situation was made worse by his attempt to take back control of his own mind.

My Council, it's… it's a terrible way to depart this earth. Full analysis is on page three and four of the report before you.


I covered my mouth with my hands to prevent a sound from slipping out or else I would be exposed in the closet that I hid in. I refused to accept the decision of the Council.

Did no one ever wonder why Akita never influenced my mind or tried to control me? We were best friends, surely someone can remember that!

I have to save Akita, even if it's the last thing I do!


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